Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Exploring a WWII jungle hideout on an island
Guess which silhouette is mine.

Indiana Jones is back from the jungle!  If only my Panama hat could speak ...

It might brag of brim-to-breath encounters with Bengal tigers.

Tigers put their noses right up
to our caged jeeps in the jungle safari.

Or yawny dawns by the bay.

Ferries to islands cast off extremely early.

It might exaggerate scuffs from scrambling in ruins.

Mortar pock marks on buildings destroyed by WWII.
The jungle conveniently retook this island after the war.

More ruins from WWII barracks

Or marvel at banyan trees amid decay.

Defying the surrounding destruction, this banyan tree
was a central backdrop in my brother's film shot here.

It might groan at being hut-bound (while everyone was seaside)

Our snorkeling and diving retreat
obscured by coconut palms

or be peeved in the jeep (while everyone was at the falls)

Monsoon season provided tiers of waterfalls
from the top of the mountain cascading on down below this basin

But, pipe down, Panama!  I'll recount my own tales over several posts.

It's been a wild and wonderful summer abroad shared with family and friends. My fashionista friends might be surprised at how much clambering around one can do in "flatform" sandals and a deconstructed linen blazer (and of course, the Panama hat)!

How was your summer?


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Where is this? I remember seeing Banyan trees as a child in jungles throughout Asia.

  2. Incredible photos, what an adventure you've had!

  3. This is so gorgeous I love tigers and waterfalls, looks so exotic!

  4. The one with the hat, of course!

    Great post, as usual.

  5. Thanks, Ladies. It was rather exotic! This was in the Philippines. The tropical waters and vegetation were wonderful.

  6. Ooh! it looks absolutely thrilling. I cannot wait for your next posts!
    Funny how the barracks look like the ruins of some old temple. The jungle can do that.
    When I saw the first picture, it made me think of Guy Fawkes burning down the Houses of Parliament. http://www.livinghistory.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23486 although I somehow don't think panama hats were his style :)

    The tiger picture... wow! I love banyans. It's not surprising that they are considered to have special spiritual and magical qualities, is it?

    1. Hi Jenny, I'm quite amused to be mistaken for Guy Fawkes!

      And yes, banyans just have that eerie quality. When I was young, there used to be a banyan-lined street with beautifully, crumbling old mansions hidden behind them. The folklore was that there were female spirits, "white ladies", in those trees. Everyone used to be so frightened! And the teenagers were advised not to drive alone at night because if you gazed at your rearview mirror, you might find one of them as a backseat passenger!

  7. So I guessed correctly, you are the hatted one. :)
    I like banyan trees. We had a few at the Botanic Gardens in the British Virgin Islands. I used to go there and take loads of photos of spooky, ancient looking banyans.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your travels..

  8. What an intriguing set of snapshots - through both image and words - of your summer. It's an excellent appetite whetter for further details of your adventures.
    And I am not at all surprised to hear how much clambering can be done in sandals and linen. I seem to manage a fair bit of scrambling in lace and brogues. I just hope we'll get to see your 'clambering' outfit in an upcoming post.

  9. I loved this visual poem. By the way I kept saving your comment for a rainy day, and between my baby growing an unprecedented four teeth before she's reached eight months not to mention this, that and the other mommy chore, I keep letting important things slip through the cracks. I'm trying to remember which book-making service I recommended, but I know what you mean: they did crop my photos in awkward ways. I didn't really mind, because I'm not a photographer and it was more about recording Harper's first days but I understand from an artist's point of view how that would be frustrating.

    Anyway I can't wait to read and see more! What a paradisiacal site! And an equally thoughtful response to your comment is forthcoming :).


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