Monday, July 15, 2013


... the Capital's crown

The US Capitol Dome
sandwiched by gritty overpasses

...  starlight in a capsule

Leo Villareal's "Multiverse"
moving light sculpture at the
Concourse tunnel, National Gallery of Art

...  a sky aquarium

Alexander Calder's mobile, "Untitled",
in the National Gallery of Art's East Building Atrium

... shapes nestled in shapes

Ellsworth Kelly's colored paper images
leading to more Alexander Calder works
at the National Gallery of Art

... a rainbow menagerie 

Alexander Calder rooms in the
National Gallery of Art

... YELLOW! and red

Clyfford Still canvas
National Gallery of Art

... yellow and red underground

Washington, DC's futuristic Metro stations

... brown, baby ducks above ground

Mama and baby ducks by the
Reflecting Pool in Washington Mall

... a gated community with a view

The ducks' perspective of
the Washington Monument

... a monumental task

Scaffolding on the Washington Monument
for earthquake repairs

... and most importantly, monumental acts.

The Lincoln Memorial,
my favorite for its profound significance.
The Gettysburg Address is inscribed along the walls.

These photos were way overdue from my Washington, DC trip.  But since when did I care about chronology in this blog?

Wishing you all wonderful summers.


  1. I specially liked the second picture, of Multiverse, and also the metro station. I was fascinated the other day to look through a canal bridge which was reflecting the bright ripples on to the ceilings. An accidental art work, I suppose, but it transformed the whole bridge into something that was constantly moving and changing.

  2. Fascinating photographs of Washington, thanks!

  3. Hey Jenny! How are you? Nice to hear from you, I enjoyed your photos as always. I love Calder, his moving sculptures are genius! take care xx

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. That's all I can think or say. And I want these in a book to read to my baby! (Or child when she's bigger.) You could print your own from shutterfly. They make beautiful books, and I would totally buy one from you! xx


  5. (I think my comment deleted. If it double posts, sorry! I think I wrote...)

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! That's all I can think or say. Also that I'd love to have this series in a book to read to my baby, or child rather when she's bigger. Shutterfly makes beautiful books (I made one of my pregnancy and the birth and first few days for her). I'd very happily buy one from you!

  6. Rosalind has left a new comment on your post "I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE ...":

    I love the hints of red and yellow in the first images (specks of red in the traffic lights and yellow of the lights in the 'Multiverse'), working towards the full-on combinations seen in the National Gallery of Art. Colour is evidently a strong theme of your most recent posts.
    This summer is a particularly enjoyable one.

    1. Apologies -- inadvertently deleted by butterfingers on an iPad while traveling.

  7. That Clifford Still painting grabbed my eye! His work was the subject of one of my workshops (I'm a teacher) but I've yet to see any in person.
    Thanks for sharing your D.C. trip here. It's a wonderful place to visit.

    1. I LOVE Clyfford Still too. How wonderful that you are able to discuss Still in your workshops. I think people often forget him when thinking of abstract expressionism.


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