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Element number 27.  Symbol Co.  Derived from the ancient miners' nickname:  kobold, or "goblin ore."

Goblin ore?  Apparently, the sub-terranean Germans encountered noxious gases while smelting the cobalt.  Blame the pixies.

Summer necessities: iced lemonade and cold cantaloupe
I just noticed the moth-like reflection of the striped canopy
on the cobalt dishes.

I am tempted to digress down the etymological path of Germanic sprites, but, better get back on point.  The point being that cobalt blue is the perfect foil for summer.

Cobalt has been our table jewelry for years.  (Someone assure me that advances in metallurgy have done away with the toxic fumes.)  They are regal at Christmastime and refreshing at summertime.   This jumble of cobalt is part of a recent treasure hoard from a neighbor's estate sale.  We carted off the plates and glasses for a few dollars.  As surprising as goblin ore, eh?  So now, this is part of our summer outdoor wares.  At that price, I don't even mind if my husband breaks a few glasses.

OK, I can't seem to shake off the goblin and his kobold.  Who's to say fairies and sprites aren't involved in these summer blues?

This bright blue butterfly, though more cornflower than cobalt, came into the living room recently.  I was deep in thought, wading through art history books.  In flew this gossamer distraction which decided to sit by me.  A cousin declared afterwards that it was a "visitation."  (We must not be so different from those ancient Germans.)  If pixies wear many forms, a lepidopteran outfit must be at the top of their list for what-to-wear-today.

Polyommatinae (blue) sub-family of Lycaenidae butterflies
This one flew in, seen here on the floor near me

True to form, this mischievous imp sought to derail me from my work.  Gone were thoughts of the humanities and in came a search for species, habitat and behavior.  Fascinated, I discovered that many of these blue lycaenidae are rare in California.  Some also have a unique symbiotic relationship with ants -- protecting the cocoon in their host flower, a wildflower which happens to be in our back yard.

I don't know how this got lost in our house, but -- no kidding -- it kept trying to land on my floral pants!    Perhaps the kobold goblins lured it inside.


Hope you are all having a terrific summer.  I will be gone for a month but hope to check blogs intermittently.

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  1. I'd never thought of blue glasses till I saw your post and realised how much I like them. I think I might be a little fazed by not being able to see the colour of what I drink.
    Blue butterflies and yellow ones are among my favourites. Here, we have a type of blue which lives on chalk landscapes, and whenever I see one, even a picture of one, it makes me think of being in the blazing sun on an ancient trackway with the white-tinted earth stretching out in the fields around

  2. I'm loving those blue glasses and that shot of the butterfly is so lovely!

  3. Wherever you are 'gone' off to, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful time.
    You share a taste for this colour in glass and crockery with my mum. She says she appreciates the deep Lapis Lazuli-like shade of it so much that when she and my dad married, they requested some 'Bristol Blue' glasses as presents. Sadly, only the water jug now remains, but it is a feature of summer, iced drinks every year.

  4. What lovely tablewear, I do love that sort of blue, deep dark and rich. Amazing shot of the butterfly! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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