Saturday, March 23, 2013


Spring has sprung ...

...  and shadows now sprout flowers ...

De Young Sculpture Garden, San Francisco

...  and all that's left of Fall are memories of fallen apples.

As Time marches on, I seem to be dragging in the opposite direction.  I'm still in a state of forced indolence, mentally and physically.  So contrary to my usual hustling pace.  Too much triggers a relapse of symptoms.  Can you imagine having to cut back on reading, even thinking, bustling about and, saddest of all, ballet?  (I had to cede my roles for our ballet show.)  

Treetop blooms seen from our living room window

In this reduced state, I'm still fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors.  Even if it means I have begun to empathize with humble vegetables -- noble but immobile.  

Beyond commiserating with foliage, I've also taken a cue from the Duck Philosophy of Life:

  • It's cool to chill in a shady pond 
  • Just go with the flow

Ducks happily etching concentric circles
Vasona Lake, Los Gatos

The other day, I was out for a walk (my runs have been curtailed too).  I saw some ducks on the creek bank waiting for just the right moment to hop onto the current.  Then -- plop!  All strapped in, they rode the current like a water theme park ride.  They really meant it when they said go with the flow.


Hope you are having a marvelous springtime where ever you are!  And thank you for all the good wishes and messages of concern.

By the way, does anyone have a good way of eliminating spam messages without manually marking and deleting them?


  1. enjoy your posts it is very interesting to read thank you

  2. spring has been a bit slow over here, so it's nice to get a glimpse of it elsewhere:)
    xo sandra

  3. Ah lovely springy photographs, beautiful blossom. Sadly it's still never ending winter here - snow showers and flooding... can't wait for some sunshine!

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  5. love the photos and more so your had a strange calming effect..i sincerely wish you start feeling better soon..what is a life without having all that you love(reading,ballet)..

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Debi! It really can be disheartening not to do the things one lives for. I've tried to make the best of things so far by doing other things I rarely get to do -- like catching up on art and indie films (easier than reading!), and engaging in other types of physical activities. It's afforded me time to hike with my camera, or try new workouts like the "barre methods" (boring next to real ballet, but I've actually become stronger for it.) It's interesting what twists Life throws into our plot narrative ... - J xxx

  6. Such is the strange state of non-spring here in my part of the UK that when I looked at your first image I saw it as large snowflakes or huge hailstones on grass! I had to refocus to see the flowers. The fields all around are still snow-covered and the farmers still attempting to rescue sheep and newborn lambs from the snowdrifts. It all feels very out of joint. And that seems to be the story of your days at the moment too, though I do like your take on Duck philosophy. I hope that the current and drift of going with the flow carries you gently and slowly on to the shores of reading, thinking and dancing with abandon. x

  7. so beatufiul!


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  9. Oh sweetie I feel so sorry for you, especially about having to stop ballet and give up roles in upcoming productions. That must be the worst missing your dancing. I once broke my wrist eight weeks before a school show but luckily the cast came off after five and I was able to participate. I hope you are on the mend and get over this quick. Happy Easter to you x

  10. the spam thing is getting mad right now, i can't see there is a way to be honest. take it easy, find some time to step back

    1. Life has a way of slowing us down, sometimes for a reason. I know it is frustrating for you to move at slower pace. I hope that soon things will return to normal for you. When I am with people who move slower than me (kids and older people or if the other person is poorly) I take it as a message to pay more attention. To take the time to look and enjoy the moment.
      I have put on verification because of the spam it was driving me mad. I don't like the verification but it is better than the tons of spam that was coming. Xxxx

  11. Go with the flow - yes. Sometimes that is all one can do as we are forced to ride a wave. I'm sure in time, all will return to normal.
    The only way I know to eliminate spam is word verification.
    Your photos are lovely.


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