Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I never thought that metaphor and hyperbole could morph into accuracy.

Fog by the Bay

Nothing quite like a concussion to thump home what it means to be in a fog.  Or, in the act of sustaining it, what it is to be stunned and dazed.  Spacey doesn't just describe the daydreaming kid in class next to you.  Words no longer exaggerate.  They convey reality in my post-concussion world.

Sunlight trying to pierce through
on a hiking trail by the Bay

For weeks now, it's taken concentrated effort to pierce through the mists.  Interesting things are easier to focus on.  But the mindless multi-tasking?  Forget it.  Literally.

It's been rather humorous to be a young(ish) person exhibiting Alzheimer's-like symptoms.  And for a while, I felt humor was all I had left.  During a follow-up test with a doctor to determine the extent of my concussion:

Neurologist:  Name as many words as you can beginning with the letter "f" in the next 60 seconds. 
Me: Ummm ... quickly editing out the first word we all know that begins with "f" ... ok, fundamental, foundation, fibula, ... nearly followed that with fistula, but figured the neurologist would think I was being facetious ... flabbergast, fiendish, furious, ... and so on 
Neurologist:  interrupting his own counting mid-60 seconds ...  I've never heard fibula nor flabbergast mentioned in these tests before.
Me:  Do I get extra credit for the quality of the words?

In truth, the only way for me to stay focused was to turn the question into a word game -- no monosyllabic "f" words!

From the bedroom window

Mind tricks aside, I've spent a lot of time recently lying in the dark and slowing my life down outside of deadlines and meetings.  (Too bad there's no slo-mo button for Life, or even freeze frame.)  Hopefully, I'll make better judgment calls next time on the ski slopes.  But the post-concussion experience is rather fascinating.  It's like being in someone else's body.  Or rather, someone else's head.

Good news: the neurologist assures me I will get my old brain back.


  1. Good Lord! You got concussion? I was wondering where you've been all this time. Dear J! I do hope that you are getting better - you made me laugh with your list of high brow f words. Despite the fascination you're having in the post concussion fog I do hope that you recover your old brain quickly. xx

  2. Oh my God. I hate using that expression but I don't know what else to say.

    I'm.. it's so strange that it's V who's commented, too, because we're friends.. oh J.

    It is so strange (I've said that already) - I've been thinking of you for months, and since I haven't been commenting on my friends blogs, and haven't had many comments (funny how that works) I haven't thought twice about it for most people, but you.. you've been on my mind. I've been meaning to send an email.

    Thank GOD you are alive, and well, and coming back to us. Us being, the world. Sending get well get strong messages, with love - which is weird for someone I haven't actually, you know, met. In person.


  3. Sending you get well wishes. What a great tool you have (humor) to help you deal with this.

  4. Thank you, ladies, for your good wishes and thoughts! Concussions are sneaky things. I didn't realize things were off until several days afterwards. And I got worried when the symptoms seemed lasting. But, every day, the fog seems to lift. And I can do more complicated physical activities (finally got to ballet class yesterday, even if I could only do barre!). So I hope to be back to my old self soon. Maybe by next month?

    J xxxx

  5. So sorry to read you got concussion! Wishing you a good recovery from the fog.

  6. That is scary. Glad you're ok, or will be ok. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  7. These pictures are incredible. Sorry to hear (or rather, read) that you got concussion. I wish you a nice and speedy recovery.

  8. Jenny, I am so sorry to hear you have had concussion. And I am extremely glad you are clearly on the mend, not only shown by this post but also by your usual smart, original and interesting comments on my blog. Like others who have commented, I had also been wondering where you were.

    Your photos are particularly beautiful. I looked at the top one for some time. And the sunset - or post sunset, I suppose it is - is remarkable. Like a big fiery road in the sky.

    It's quite an achievement to have managed to write a blog post containing both "fiendish" and "fibula" ! You are obviously well on the road to full recovery and I look forward to your next post soon.

  9. you got a concussion?!!oh my god!!i am so glad you are going to be ok though..please get back to your old self soon..

  10. Get well soon, Jen!


  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your concussion...you articulated it beautifully in your post though :) glad to see it hasn't affected your creativity!
    Christobel xx

  12. Oh my goodness, happy that you are alright though. Hope you get much better soon.
    The photos are absolutely stunning. :)

  13. "No monosyllabic 'f' words..." Well, certainly the creative, literate side of your brain was firing sharply (not to mention, humorously) during your follow-up test. I am relieved to hear the neurologist's pronouncement on brain return! How scarily disorientating. I take concentrated focus very much for granted day by day. Your photos take on such a different resonance in the context of concussion - the second one especially. Beautiful images. Mend well and soon. xx

  14. Hope you are ok??? Goodness. still hilarious as ever though.
    the pictures are stunning xo sandra

  15. Wow I had wondered where you had gone and then got wrapped in my on goings on. Skiing accident. I have never bee skiing the very thought of it scares the wits out of me. Sorry you to hear you had a tumble and happy to read you are well on the mend sunshine. Beautiful images to illustrate your what was going on. Love Dvora Xxx


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