Friday, April 5, 2013


Many of us were raised in strait-laced families, taught to walk on the straight and narrow, and encouraged to wear straight-lined suits to work.

So how does one deal with a rebellious streak?  Maybe we can take Marc Jacobs' approach.  Take the streak and make it straight, but slap some humor into prim-and-proper.  This is not your father's pinstriped suit.

What I wore to a part-meeting, part-social gathering:
Skirt suit:  Marc by Marc Jacobs
Silk Shirt: Urban Outfitters

The central zipper running from collar to hem feels like a thumb in the nose.  And my clunky clog boots, not shown, serve as a kick in the pants.  Hmmm ... now I wonder if the outfit was screaming "Back off!" before I even got through the door.

It's difficult to see
(because I chose to backlight the Japanese screen)
but the fabric is pinstriped and accented by the heavy piping

Interestingly, things seem to be straightening out in life.  A ballet friend remarked, "You are standing so straight and leaping like you never have before!"  I guess all those strengthening exercises throughout my recovery have made me a better dancer.  Who would have thought.  Maybe humans are a bit like machines.  Give them a bit of a thump and they work a little better.


Thank you for the spam reduction advice.  If I get really exasperated, I will turn on the word verification.  I hope that doesn't exasperate you in return.  I want to make sure the blogging experience remains a two-way conversation!


  1. I love the subterfuge going on in the details of Marc Jacobs' reworking of 'formal'. Also, extremely glad to hear of the straightening and strengthening at work in your recovery from the concussion. Improved leaping can only be an excellent thing; may the soaring continue...

  2. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend and back dancing with more spring in your step than before! Every cloud has a silver lining!

  3. I love the unusual design of that suit. And so pleased to read that you're leaping higher and better than ever before, your time of recuperation has made you resilient and strengthened, ready for the leaping!

  4. Better dancing than before?! So there is a silver lining.. :)
    Cute outfit!

  5. ah i would want to see you in that attire..and glad to hear of your recovery..i guess we all need thumps..some people do well with metaphoric ones too..

  6. Wonderful outfit! I'd like to see that zip in an interesting colour- not too bright, just enough....
    I got rid of most of my spam by altering who could comment. Nearly all of the spam nonsenses are anonymous and I hardly ever get any anonymous comments worth having. So I turned off anonymous comments. Hope I didn't turn anyone else off too, in the meantime!

  7. And I am glad to hear you are recovering well, Jenny!

  8. This is a very interesting outfit! Wish you included a picture of the whole get-up!

    The sassies were out for lunch yesterday. We talked about your accident -- hope the recovery period would be shorter than expected.

  9. What an interesting outfit. Wish you included a picture of the whole get-up!

    The sassies were out for lunch yesterday. We talked about your accident and hoped out loud that the recovery will be faster than expected.

  10. Beautiful outfit. I love how you have shot it too, the lines of the garments are accentuated by the screen. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Xxxx


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