Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Un-Black Friday.  If Alice could celebrate Unbirthdays (through the Looking Glass), so could we celebrate Un-Black Friday.  And we did.  Stampeding hordes headed for the Malls.  We headed for Golden Gate Park.

That overcast day, we swam upstream to the De Young Museum in San Francisco.  I had been meaning to see their special exhibit, Masters of Venice.  Now, a day spent with Tintoretto and Titian versus stepping into the ring with determined, perhaps belligerent, shoppers?  My choice was obvious.

Couple by the Sculpture Garden, De Young Museum
taken through the glass

Photography was prohibited during the exhibit, but I uncapped the lens at other times.  I was taking photos of the Sculpture Garden during lunchtime, through the glass walls, when this couple walked into the frame.  The lady appeared to have walked straight out of the Renaissance canvases!  I hadn't spotted her while we were wandering through the exhibit.  But, I like to think that she had come to immerse herself in the Italian Masters' magic, and remained at-the-ready, should an unexpected invitation to walk into the artwork been extended.

Speaking of magic, I find the effect of double exposures on photographs enchanting.  I was tickled to see the reflective windows doing it for me here, superimposing the colored lights of the Café ceiling onto the copper skin of the De Young.  (The De Young's architecture is another wonderful discussion for another time.)

Café lights reflected on the windows
De Young Museum, San Francisco

We decided to explore the De Young beyond its exhibits and scale its Tower.  The twisted turret offers panoramic views of San Francisco.  At the base of the elevators, we were greeted by hanging mobiles.  I was fascinated by the strong shadows created by the directional light, their intensity relative to the delicate sculptures surprising.

The shadows seem more intense than the
delicately-constructed sculptures

Another organic mobile
casting strong shadows

As you can sense, our day was as far from a typical Black Friday as you can imagine.  No bobbing and weaving, no upper cuts to nab a precious deal from an equally tenacious customer.  However, my head was in as much of a whirl amid Art spanning centuries at the De Young.

There is another exhibit coming up that may whip up as much of a frenzy as a shopping experience.  We can't wait to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit early next year!

Did you head out on Black Friday?


On a separate note, Bucket List Nation featured an excerpt of my Winchester Mystery House story.  For the full piece I posted early in the fall, click here.


  1. it seems like an absolutely beautiful time..i would like to believe that woman came dressed that way..i love the concept of double exposure..i am trying to learn film photography..fingers crossed..

  2. I love the shadows cast by the mobiles. They indeed are more captivating than the sculptures. This is the way to spend Black Friday. I avoided retailers like the plague and did my shopping from the comfort of my bed in pajamas.


  3. Your un black Friday seems a lot more edifying than the bulk of the population. I have never been to SF, however when I do, this will be on my list!

  4. Love that you still managed to take pictures :)... I too love the effect and helloooo hippies!

    Love! ~Angel

  5. i cannot think of a better way to spend your black friday... i love mobiles!!!

  6. we do not have black friday here :(

  7. You took amazing pictures! Have to better undertsand this double exposure thing, cause I never tried it!

  8. Fantastic! I really like the mobiles. And there is a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition soon? Ohh, I'd love to see it. By the way this is a good reminder that I've wanted to a get a years pass for Leipzigs art museum, though their exhibitions are always a bit lacking.

    Sure I've heard of Neil Degrasse Tyson, I think I've been owning a book of his for years. Greet him from me. ;-) And have fun at his lecture, I'd love to be there too.

  9. I love your positive bent on a supposed bad day. I think you sent yours well. How is your building work coming? All done yet? Your double exposure and shadows are fascinating. Xxxx

  10. These images are so incredibly beautiful. I only just learned what black friday was/is and find it quite interesting that everybody in USA likes to shop on that day!
    regarding your comment, the girl under the parasol is my best friend and I took some images of her in her wedding dress xxx

  11. Great post and lovely pictures ! That costumes are interesting, weird but cool :)


  12. Such a great post, I enjoyed it so much! Really nice photos!

    Last day to enter the Fox House giveaway on my blog!
    Take a look and maybe follow?: Cosa mi metto???

  13. Amazing post ! LOve your blog !


  14. This sounds like my idea of the most heavenly day. Those shadows are quite extraorinary (but then there is no surprise at all that your fascination and focus was caught by the play of light.)
    I must also say, somewhat belatedly, how inspirational I found your post about Virginia. What an extraordinary life well-lived.
    Oh, and your muppet inspired outfit in the post below - the title alone made me laugh. Brilliant. Favorite Muppet Movie of all time through has to be the Muppet Christmas Carol. It will soon be time for the annual family viewing.

  15. Wonderful blog...nice post! I love the photo of the De Young Museum. I visited there when I was in San Francisco back in 2006. I love the design of that building...wonderful piece of architecture!


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