Saturday, December 3, 2011


My brain needs an additional flash drive.  I have been mind-blowingly immersed in so many different topics lately, from Astrophysics to Modern Art.  Current disk space full: more memory required.

Two days ago, I was the lucky recipient of tickets to a "celebrity lecture" series.  Previous speakers have been distinguished people like Itzhak Perlman or Condoleezza Rice.  My friend had a conflict, and so, passed the tickets on to me.  I was beyond thrilled.  This lecture was delivered by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist popular with the general public.  Tyson not only writes fun science books for non-scientists.  He also has a PBS program, advises NASA, and heads the Hayden Planetarium in NYC.  The science geek in me was terribly excited.  After all, I sometimes read his astronomical commentary in Natural History magazine.

Sticking to scholarly fabrics
The color and design are not mousy professor style
but perhaps a bit ProfDolores Umbridge?
Jacket: Luca Luca

Knowing this event to be populated by silver-haired scholars, I thought to limit my outfit to acceptable scholarly materials -- wools, tweeds, bouclé.  At most, I expected some ladies to be in Chanel suits and Salvatore Ferragamo pumps, a sort of Prof. Dolores Umbridge look, for those who like Harry Potter.  The venue was a concert hall, but this was not the time for glamorous furs and silks. So I dug through my closet for an old jacket.  This one probably counts as vintage already.  I used to use it as a young lady, hoping the serious fabric, tailoring and threads of gray in it would give me an air of maturity and gravitas.  Now, that air is palpably real and I could do without the jacket.

The wool "fur" is the element of fun I love in this jacket
Jacket: Luca Luca

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The silver-haired scholars let their tresses down, even cheering on an 8th Grader groupie in the audience who threw his Tyson t-shirt from the balcony for an autograph!   Tyson is an engaging speaker, of the Southern-Baptist-Preacher style, and Science is his crusade.  His lament for Science not being part of American culture these days is similar to my lament about Art.  After all, this is our Universe.  Shouldn't we all want to know more about the stars that grace our skies, not just those that grace our TV screens?

What topics interest you, outside of fashion?


  1. Sounds like a great occasion. Sometimes celebrities in the flesh are even more exciting than you thought and you realise why they ARE famous! That is a beautiful tartan. I never think to wear tartan. I like wool very much And indeed most natural fabrics ... Except for linen which I love in sheets but don't like in clothes: too harsh and too easily creased

  2. Beautiful jacket, really interesting and unique!! Those sleeves are GORGEOUS!! It also sounds like a great event!

  3. I would love to attend these kind of meetings. Italy should be the place to organise such an event. Instead we are very poor in cultural meetings.... I love that jacket!!

  4. "Shouldn't we all want to know more about the stars that grace our skies, not just those that grace our TV screens?"
    So true - it alarms me how little otherwise very intelligent people who are not more than ten or so years younger than me know so little about the natural world or basic scientific facts but are very apt at listing who won the last series of X Factor.

  5. Most things, well nearly everything...

  6. Ah, sounds like all of you had a fantastic time. Wished I could have been there.

    Well, as for your question. You already know, that I love astrophysics and art/design/photography, after all this is my professional goal. But I also have a thing for personal finance, fantasy and childrens literature, fashion, triathlon and wellbeing in general.

    By the way I've been to art museums guided tour yesterday and it was brilliant. I'll post about it in the next few days. Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. sounds like such a fantastic time..and i nod at your harry potter reference with glee :D!

  8. Great outfit choice for what it sounds like an amazing event! I love the firts photo with the painting of Chagall at the back! I hope you also are having a great time my dear friend :)

  9. Ha - this is WAY to pretty for Dolores Umbridge!
    As someone who grew up in a university (my dad is one of these mad neurobiology professors) I've got to say that academics are generally quite a wild bunch.
    I wouldn't mind a few extra brains, too, btw :)

  10. Touche to your final comment. I totally agree. I love this jacket. Little Viv Westwoodesque to me. Must have turned heads. Xxxx

  11. love the jacket! perfect for Xmas and New year!

    Inside and Outside blog

  12. oh wow this is so cute, i love the colors!


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