Saturday, November 26, 2011


In a fit of nostalgia, we went to see the Muppet comeback movie the day before Thanksgiving. Shades of Norma Desmond and '70s & '80s icons ran through the film.  But one of the funniest winks-to-the-audience was (**Warning: Spoiler Alert**): Emily Blunt reprising her exquisitely derisive First Assistant Role in "Devil Wears Prada".   This time, her icy glamor-boss was Miss Piggy, Vogue's Chief Plus Size Editor in Paris!

Me trying to emulate the pouty Bloggerista pose

Naturally, for Thanksgiving, my mind was on amalgamating elements from Anne Hathaway's wardrobe as the made-over Second Assistant.  Crisp, white shirt for layering, thigh high boots to finish off.  I nearly wore a black dress too, but decided to get festive with red.  But, holy cow, upon seeing these photos, I realized how much I resemble a Radio City Hall Christmas Rockette!  I'll be staying away from the red dress for the rest of the season, I think.

Hmm ... I think I like this without the necklace

We have another Thanksgiving gathering this weekend.  (As if the culinary stupor mid-week wasn't enough.)  By next week, I will be in shape for Miss Piggy's Plus Size offerings at Vogue and can apply for the Second Assistant job.

I'm off to make pumpkin-pecan pie now ...

If you're American, I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend with your loved ones!

Photo Details:

Blouse: Diane von Furstenberg
Dress: Zara
Necklace: Atelier Avatar from Asia
Boots: thigh highs folded down, can't see the label (too deep in!)
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


  1. Gorgeous dress and boots.
    I lov pecan pie.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I was a big muppets fan as a kid! That dress i so cute - I love the colour - Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You look wonderful. That is some shirt and I am loving the colour combo of black, white and red. Hope you have been having a great weekend and your 2nd Thanksgiving gathering went well. Xxxx

  4. Hahaha I am dying to see the movie and I am dying over your look.. But thats an obvious because you look amazing..

    Love! ~Angel

  5. You look beautiful!! Red is a gorgeous colour on you and those boots :O LUST.

    hehe Miss Piggy as a plus sized editor . . love it ;P

  6. Miss Piggy as Emily's Blunt Boss? Oh my, I have to watch this movie!!
    I like your reinterpretation! I think that you did betetr than the origina, in my opinion that outfit was overloaded with accessories!!

  7. You are one of my favourites, I love reading your comments! That's so amazing that you used to be in The Nutcracker. This is a super cute outfit, I like the necklace, just maybe shorter. Great colour on you

  8. Great ideas for fashion and style.

  9. red dress on a white blouse, i've never thought of that! very inspiring!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  10. You've made me realise that the next garment I buy has to be pillar box red. It's what we need in Winter. Nice post!

  11. I love that you layered that dress over the shirt. I love the necklace with the look, cans the sunglasses. It dresses it up a bit. Also the boots are killer!!!


  12. Very very beautiful dress! Love that color a lot :)


  13. great colour!i can so wear it with a thin black belt and stockings!!love it!
    and calcutta doesn't get's too hot for that here all year round!

  14. I wish they would bring back the Muppet Show! The red in this outfit is brilliant!

  15. I have the same dress in black. Perhaps, I will try this layering combination. =)

  16. I see no muppet! I see one elegant and beautiful lady looking very elegant indeed!

  17. Oh no, don't stay away from the red dress - it looks AMAZING on you. Plus, you're a natural at the pouty blogger pose :)


  18. I like the necklace but maybe with another look! I agree with you.... <3

  19. Haha, J, you really rock that Bloggerista pout! ; )

    Will email you later - I've spent all day on a post (for a wonderful kids' charity in the UK) - but I do love this look, Rockette as it is.

    I love Emily Blunt - from the moment she first appeared, she has such a sense of cleverness and fun - she seems like a real girl's girl, but you wouldn't want to get on her bad side - and the idea of her doing her role with Miss Piggy as the Meryl Streep role.. I wouldn't normally see the film, but now I HAVE to.

    Hope you had a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving. How was the pumpkin pecan pie? I nabbed one of the last tins of Libby's pumpkin in London (they ration us, the bastards) but only got round to making a small pie last night - ate half of it already - talk about Miss Piggy. xx

  20. I like you in red Jenny really suits you! Don't stay away of the dress! I think is lovely! Love the boots too. x

  21. i know i'm late, but i really like the outfit with necklace too!!

  22. do not stay away of this dress!!! I love it too I love the whole look and even prefer it with the necklace on ;)


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