Saturday, September 3, 2011


This week has been full of design meetings again.  They were the fun kind, with me getting nit picky about the textures and nuances of wood, stone, metal, glass.  (The architects and I were speaking the same language, but it drove my husband to the next room.)  I decided to mix materials too, layering neutrals in leather, crisp cotton and light wool.  Then, whoa!  I ended up looking like Marian the Librarian.

Librarian caught reading racy novels?
White shirt: Diane von Furstenburg
Leather bustier vest: Excelled
Skirt: Club Monaco

Actually, the reading glasses are just props.  I don't quite need them just yet.  But it does boost one's IQ a few points, don't you think?

On another point, it's my husband's birthday this weekend.  The present he wanted?  To have this amazing photo of Louise Brooks framed.  How can one compete with this beauty?  I've only seen her in "Pandora's Box" from 1929, but she just captivates the camera.  Someday, I'll have the courage to have a severe flapper bob like hers.

Louise Brooks, 1928
Photo: Eugene Robert Richee

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend for those in America!


  1. loved this look...the concept of wearing glasses has been a recent raging topic(again)in 1 of the lookbook forums i frequent often.
    the 2nd photo is mesmerising..the 20's flapper style is the best to admire,the hippie fashion is best to emulate.because flapper is difficult to pull off.i would love to though!

  2. What a lovely image great gift for your husband! love how the model's body is losing in the background. so minimal and lovely. I love the pencil skirt and the shirt very elegant smart look .x

  3. So elegant, classy and funny.
    You are fantastic.

  4. Your 'Marian the librarian' photo caption made me laugh! And I love the way your pose (deliberately?) echoes the pose of the divine Louise Brooks. My, what a perfect photo - no wonder your husband wants a copy of it framed.
    Is the library of books in the background yours?

  5. You have made me laugh too. Love the name of your post. The inspiration for your pose is one of my favourite shots too. Can understand why your husband would want a framed print of this. Happy Birthday to him too. Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend. Xxxx

  6. This picture is so amazing! Love the pose!
    And the look is great too and fits wonderful with the location! :P


  7. Thanks, Everyone.

    @Rosalind - yes, that is our bookshelf in the Master suite. We have bookshelves in every room and lining the hallways, plus storage... In our construction project, we will finally have a formal, large Library! Can't wait!

    And I hadn't planned on including Louise Brooks in the post when I took the shots. It was just a serendipitous result ;-)

  8. I love this take on a librarian. The greys are great together, and I am particularly digging the leather boustier.


  9. What a classy outfit! You look good in the glasses- if you need them, then, you won't have anything to worry about!

  10. Hee hee - I love this shot - fabulous saucy secretary look! The leather bustier is great!

  11. Hahaha! I am totally in love with your outfits and pictures!
    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  12. WOW,super amazing shots!!!You're so creative and talented!!!

  13. Haha, that is such a great pic in the library! AMazing!

    And btw, yes I have seen Enchanted. Such a fun movie! And the pigeons and rats were hilarious!

  14. What a fab picture, looove it!! Happy Monday xx

  15. You are so hilarious, J. That expression on your face. Classic!

    I've seen Pandora's Box too (I think it was the only famous thing she ever did) and agree, she has this one of a kind look.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    leather shorts and blue houses

  16. love the look, love the pose, love the pic!

  17. Love that photo~!! Hilarious and classic! Librarian caught reading racy novels? I think so!


  18. HAAAAA...what a fun shot! Crazy for the puff sleeves on your shirt!

  19. okay this is awesome.

    Meena ♥

  20. Oh my, the photo with Louise Brooks is amazing. I would want that one framed too. I saw Pandora's Box a couple of years ago and I remember her striking beauty and how she captivated the camera, as you well said it.

  21. Oh I love this post! Happy Birthday to your husband. I love that photo: Louise Brooks is just so iconic, and was also such an intelligent woman: a real role model, ahead of her time.

    And that photo of you is just SUCH a hoot! You have so imprinted that song in my head, that I just had to find it on youtube:

    I will be singing this - out loud - all week. Thanks for your comment, and stopping by! xx

  22. p.s. I liked this so much I tweeted about it:
    This really made me smile: the Foolish Aesthete doing Marian the Librarian (youtube of the song:

    (you're not on twitter are you?)

  23. @Polka Dot: I watched that song on YouTube too before I posted this. Glad to know you caught it too! And I have yet to get on Twitter, Miss Luddite here. Thanks for the Tweet!

  24. What a great fun photo! Many thanks for the visit to by blog!

  25. Marian the (slightly hysterical) Librarian is quite the perfect look and the glasses are a MUST here. (sadly I need them now... it's quite a nuisance).
    This Louise Brooks photo is such a beautiful classic. She certainly knew how to wear a bob.


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