Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day Monday in America typically signals the change in seasons.  Summer whites get shelved (well, some, we're supposed to have a 90 degree day today).  Tribal prints get hung.  Knits and layers return, if they ever left.  For me, it hails the return of a color I loved during the spring transition - RED.

Back in the spring, yellow with red was my favorite combination, harking back to Celine.  Now, black and white feel like natural complements to red.  Which reminded me (who knows this riddle?):

Riddle: What is black and white and re(a)d all over?
Answer: A newspaper

-- obviously from childhood, pre-iPad days. (But I do still love to spread the papers wide on weekends.)

Oh my.  I not only resemble the newspaper.  I'm also a complete deck of cards!  The Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades shuffled together.  (Perhaps this is a lucky Black Jack outfit?)  I could go on ad nauseum with color analogies but will spare you.

I got to thinking about the real inspiration behind this look.  After indulging in armchair psychoanalysis ...  I attribute this look subconsciously to Tibi's resort collection and Susie Bubble's hairdo!  I say "subconscious" because I arrived at these conclusions after I had already taken the photos.  (My sister is a psychologist and I remember helping her review for exams back at University, so I feel I've earned the right to bandy these terms about.)

Tibi Resort 2012
Photo: style.com

What wardrobe re-shuffle are you doing in your closet for this transition weather?

Before I sign off, my feature on Bucket List Nation, a summary of the Carmel trip, is now in.  You can check it out as well as other amazing ideas about places to go and things to do in life!  We have future collaboration ideas, so watch that space.

Photo Details
Jacket: Susie Gallagher, Australia
T-shirt: Michael Stars
Trousers: Club Monaco
Heels: Calvin Klein
Gadget: iPad2 with PRODUCT (RED) benefit smart cover
Photos: The Foolish Aesthete, except for Tibi photo


  1. From lblog to blog I just found yours and the truth is that i just fell in love with your pictures! They are incredibly expressive!I am following you since now! I leave you my blog, hope you like it!


    Room on the third floor

  2. your high bun is the best:)! and great pants.. p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation: http://cyliaaaa.blogspot.com/2011/09/tag.html

  3. Having serious shoe envy! What a sharp, slick look - this season I definitely want to add more red into the wardrobe!

  4. Red and black is such a wonderful combination! I am so looking forward to the cooler weather as I just shopped till I dropped in Montreal!

  5. love red pants so much these days :)

  6. love the first picture. all those angles and colour combination makes it look like a Mondrian.

  7. Uncanny: I came here to thank you for your lovely, lovely comment - and to offer my condolences about your mom. My father died eight years ago: this is the period of the anniversary of his death (14th Sept, a day after my birthday).

    So I came here to offer my condolences, and thank you for your words of tribute to Roz, and to your lovely, brave mom - and discovered - besides beautiful photos and styling - an uncanny coincidence. This is my post from a few days ago:


    I love it when someone I haven't (yet) met, on the other side of the world - in the place where I am absolutely LONGING to live, by the way - California - is thinking on the same page as me.

    And last but not least: how lovely that Cami discovered your blog. I hope - I'd like to think - that it was from you both commenting on my little post! ; ) Wishing you a lovely day. xox

  8. Such great inspiration. I love that jacket and the pop of color of the pants. Also incorporation of stylish technology is a great touch!


  9. that's an awesome look!loving the inspiration behind it

  10. Yes, yes, yes this is wonderful. I saw a lot of black white and red on the catwalk back in Feb. Right on trend for the coming season. Love this look on you. Xxxx

  11. It is still summer here, 35ºc today, so cannot think beyond that.
    You look amazing.

  12. Your posts and pictures are getting more and more exciting. I am always looking forward to the next one!

  13. You look fabulous!! Happy Wednesday xx

  14. @Polka Dot - It is uncanny. I recall seeing your post the day after I shot these photos. Your title didn't register with me back then. Either we are thinking along the same lines or I could be accused of plagiarism! I will write you more on your blog ...
    @Nyanzi - Loved your insight into Mondrian. That must have been another subconscious inspiration I should ascribe the look to.

  15. that is a great outfit... love the whole color combination especially that handbag

  16. Really cute outfit! Love this! I love the pop of red.

  17. great outfit

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  18. Love your blog! That is a great clean photo with the silver clothes rack looking so architectural and you in the bwr as the feature. BWR cannot fail esp for transition. I love how you can change the proportions of each colour for winter and summer. So more white in the balance for summer and more black for winter. Always easy and always a winner!

  19. i love your slingback shoes! it adds a nice element to your outfit!


  20. You look so glam! I love that coat and the d pants are fabulous!

  21. You look gorgeous girl! I love the red and the high bun is great!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  22. Nah, you don't look like a newspaper, but super chic... Great cut of the coat!
    Last year Susie Bubble had a yard sale and there were a lot of girls sporting this hairdo. It was quite inspirational, even though sadly it doesn't look so great on me.

  23. That photo of you is so brilliant! love the colours and composition is great! xx

  24. So incredibly chic and well turned-out you are! Love everything about this look...

    I haven't even begun to shuffle around my closet. It's been 100 degrees in the city and 80 at the beach! There is no escape from the heat... Just wondering how I'm going to look semi fall for FNO tonight!


  25. very nice outfit :)

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    The button is under my photo :))

  26. loooove this! awesome post.


    Meena ♥

  27. So sophisticated, love it especially the coat!

  28. I really like black white and red! I think these color make a good one!



  29. soooo CHIC!!!!!!! what a great choice of colours.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  30. You look adorable honey!!!Great combination of colors!

  31. Great look, black white and red. Really loving this!

  32. Love the red trousers! Thanks for your comments on my blog, BTW!

  33. I like the look. The coat is very nice.

  34. great outfit! perfect restyling ;)

    I found your blog because you commented under my picture that Lee Oliviera shot of my during Berlin Fashion Week ;)



  35. The Primary School answer to that question would be a newspaper but the Blogger answer would be definitely you. I love red, particularly in pants and you do look amazing.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    melbourne: bows and zara

  36. wonderful. Red and black is a very elegant combination. you have a unique style.

  37. This is a topic that is close to my heart... Thank
    you! Where are your contact details though?


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