Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Cameras click-click-clicking.  Bulbs flash-flash-flashing.

You could say I'm having a tinge of behind-the-scenes envy over Fashion Week.  The street and backstage shots are always fun to look at.  So, in a feat that would make a circus contortionist proud, I turned the camera back on itself and bent backward through time to mimic the action.

Alright, I exaggerate.  Some of you will remember my Time Travel post with the top hat and this adjustable parachute silk skirt, already in its second life.  This "behind-the-scenes" photo is from back then, that's all.

Aside to Photographers:
Do you get more wrinkles on one side of your face
from frequent eye/face scrunching?
This is a serious inquiry I want an answer to!

Flipping through the initial New York Times fashion reviews, I wondered if I had travelled back-to-the-future instead.  Rag & Bone today showed adjustable parachute silk skirts too!  And many times, I've worn mine with a plain, white t-shirt and cuffs.  I thought I was off-trend back then.  In today's paradoxical fashion, I must have been so off, I was on.  Go figure.   (Rag & Bone's skirt did give me the idea of ripping off the rosette on mine.  I just tend to be cowardly when it comes to DIY.  Help, anyone?)

Rag & Bone Spring 2012
asymmetric parachute silk skirt
Photo: style.com

This encouragement is terrible for pack rats like me who never discard anything, even moth-eaten cashmeres.  I still wear my favorite hole-y sweaters, mendicant style, lamenting their glamorous past.

So hang on to your clothes.  Nothing is ever really new.  After a decade or two, dust them off, call them "vintage" and enjoy them a second time around.  We don't need a DeLorean to get back to the future.

What do you do with your old clothes -- keep or donate?

Addendum:  I would like to thank Songbird for honoring me with:

I can't wait to see what amazing films this young blogger will come up with when she emerges from film school in Calcutta.  I am truly humbled by the award and appreciate being on its receiving end.


  1. Congrats in your award! If I really love the piece and I think is timeless I keep otherwise I donate it. x

  2. I keep timeless items, like Victoria, and pass on sell or donate the rest.
    Loving the skirt in the first shot.

  3. I am always keeping things from past seasons, not because I hope they will come back in fashion, but beacuse I like them!

  4. I have to say the moment you asked the wrinkles question I got up of my seat to take a look and I can honestly say there is no difference between on side of or the other. The are (sadly :-)) evenly wrinkled. Look at you in your fashion forward skirt. I used to work with an older art director who's favourite line was "there is nothing new under the sun". Every time this happens I think yes he was right. I donate my clothes and have from time to time regretted it but it is only rarely I feel this way. I need occasionally to make room for the new. Xxxx

  5. Love the parachute skirt! I remember All Saints had a few signature ones a few seasons ago, which I almost bought. I tend to hold on to my clothes, unless it's something I'm very certain I'll never wear - even if they do come back in trend. I think that even if trends do return, your own individual style evolves.

  6. I also keep everything, and when I decide to give away something, I find a few seasons later that I shouldn't have... because it's trendy again!!!
    Go figure!...

  7. hey! nice blog
    i really like that rag&bone skirt. it's great

  8. Absolutely! Your skirt is totally up-to-date. I never throw anything away either - and moth-eaten cashmere sweaters are my favourites!

  9. Congratulations in your award! Lovely skirt too.

    Have a wonderful week! ❤

  10. Love assymetrical skirts, it hides and reveals the right amount!

    and congrats!!!


  11. i alwayssss get so jealous at fashionw eek! i want to be behind the scenes so much! one day...


  12. DIY tip: If you want to take the rosette off your skirt, tug on it a little while examining it up close first. If you can see just a few threads holding the rosette on that go straight through to the inside of the skirt, you can probably take it off easily with a seam ripper or scissors. If there are a lot of threads and you can't see where they go, don't chance making a hole in the skirt...On another note, I am someone who clings to my old clothes like dear friends. I donate a lot of stuff whenever I move, though, because I secretly aspire to not being such a pack rat.


  13. ha! you've made my day - about the wrinkle situation...

  14. great skirt
    and you recognized my blanket :) yes it's my favorite missoni

  15. I like the skirt, it's really cool!

  16. I am so bad with clothes! I just keep and keep and keep them forever and ever! (like you I have the firm belief that designer clothes ought to be never thrown away as they just become vintage later on!).

    ... and I just love how you turned the camera on yourself. I am going a bit crazy about all these fashion show posts so today I took a break and just rambled on about something else (my new Celine bag!). Perhaps tomorrow I'll turn the camera on myself. ;)

  17. i donate... especially because my hair has changed so much over the past couple of years there are things that just don't look as good on me anymore

  18. keep the rosette..it looks good...and you deserve the award because i love reading your posts so much!you have a voice..you don't just mention what you are wearing.and i love that.
    and i won't be making films anytime soon haha..if it ever does happen it will be a long long time from now!

  19. Congrats on the award!

    The skirt looks magnificent with the shoes. Gorgeous shot! I love when photogs turn the camera on themselves.

    I try to donate every season, especially since there is a lot of things I don't wear or don't fit so great. It's incredible how much is wasted.


  20. Congrats on your award, you deserve it!!!

  21. I donate because I don't have enough space! congratulations on your award. I can't wait for songbird's future films either ;)

  22. congrats on your award ! great post

  23. That's one cool skirt you're sporting, I like it better than Rag&Bones'! I really enjoy pieces like that which are interesting and somewhat timeless!

    I tend to save waaay too much of my clothes, although I've had many nice occasions when I've done a bit of wandering in the attic and have found some pieces that feel fresh again. Those make for very good diy projects too!

  24. I never thought about the wrinkles on the left side of my face being more prominent than the right side from being a photographer! but i'm running to the mirror to examine! :)

  25. hi darling..
    you're fantastic!!!!I like your blog!!!
    pass from my blog..i have new post!!!

  26. rag and bone makes amazing clothing i can't afford, but amazing jeans i'm willing to splurge on. love them!


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