Thursday, July 14, 2011


Many, many thanks to the lovely and talented Minnja for giving me One Lovely Blog Award.  And guess what -- it's my birthday (Bastille Day to the French)!  This is the most awesome birthday present!

**JUST IN:  My creative blogger friend, Songbird,  who not only exhibits talents in the film industry but also the culinary world, has also just passed on the


As before (see my post Blogger Awards), I am utterly surprised, thrilled and honored to be on the receiving end of this.  When I began The Foolish Aesthete about 4 months ago, I had zero expectations.  Through it all, I've made so many wonderful blogger friends who both inspire and support me every day.  So really, a big thanks to ALL OF YOU who make blogging so much fun and rewarding for me!

Now for the requirements of One Lovely Blog Award:
1) Share 7 things about yourself
2) Name & link favorite and newly discovered blogs.  Let them know about it.  I'm not sure how many to list so I'll name 10.  I've seen varying numbers listed in other blogs.

Seven Things about Myself:

  1. I've lived in 3 different continents and am influenced by all their cultures.
  2. I love ancient mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Mesopotamian & Sumerian, Egyptian, ...
  3. I love science fiction and mathematics.
  4. My Mom said I couldn't stop dancing as a little girl, hence my first ballet class at 4.
  5. I wanted to be an artist (and sketched all the time) but also wanted to be an astrophysicist.
  6. Art films got me hooked on Photography.
  7. My previous career was totally Left Brain and I am now happily exercising my Right Brain!
Well, that was perhaps more than what you all wanted to know about me :-)

Now to pass the torch.  These blogs wake up my eyes and mind and inspire me to do better!  I also consider several of them to be very good (virtual) friends.  * This list is in random order since I love each blog for different reasons *

I am extending One Lovely Blog Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award to the following blogs:  

I still have Blogger paralysis because I really want to list everyone's blog down!  Since I think of this as a community with a shared interest in Beauty, I encourage you all to "mingle" with the others you see on the Comments sections or Followers if you don't do so already.

Thank you once again and much love!


  1. congratulations and thank you very much!! I am very touched especially because I know and appreciate very much some of the other bloggers you mentioned! I'll post about this award in my next post! thank you again :) oh I loved to learn more about you ;)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you are having a lovely day/evening. I feel honored to be named in your Birthday honors list. Thank You. Xxxx

  3. belated birthday wishes:)
    and congrats

  4. oh check the news page on my blog..a belated surprise gift:)

  5. Thanks to all of you again!
    Dear Songbird, I am so touched by your gift. You are also a wonderful inspiration to me in the blogging world! It's still my birthday here so I am ending the evening on an even higher note! I added the Award to this post.

  6. Congratulations!!! Well-deserved blog awards!

  7. Congrats on the awards and thank you so much for passing them on to me. Really means a lot :) Loved reading the facts about you - I've lived in five different countries, but only two continents. I do hope to live in a third at least for a year at some point. Happy Friday!

    You can now also follow Haute World on Twitter @haute_world. See you there!


Dear Fellow Aesthetes, I love hearing your thoughts. I think the other readers find them valuable too! Much love xxx

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