Friday, May 13, 2011


This was my post from yesterday that Blogger deleted.  I was already behind schedule then, it's even later now.  Mea culpa.

This is a very belated but whole-hearted thanks to:

The Soapy Mermaid for extending the Liebster Blog Award to me

The Liebster Blog Award
recognizes blogs
with less than 300 followers

and Mariel's Secret for giving me The Award

The Award
recognizes newly discovered blogs

I was so touched, honored, and utterly surprised -- especially since these bloggers have been inspirations to me as well.  Without my dear friend at Mariel's Secret, The Foolish Aesthete would never have been born a month and a half ago.  It goes without saying that I love to see what she is wearing halfway around the world.  And the lovely Soapy Mermaid, together with her beautiful faerie of a daughter, inspire me with their traipsing through the woods of Auvergne.  I always feel like King Oberon and Queen Titania are just behind the willow trees.

These awards are a wonderful way of recognizing smaller blogs.  As I was thinking of whom to pass them on to, I ended up with Blogger Paralysis!  Not because there was no one to name, but rather because EVERYONE -- from you, my followers, to anyone who spends the time to comment -- adds to my daily dose of inspiration.  Truly.  Small and large blogs.  New and old blogs.  I get fired up each time.

If you don't already, I encourage those of you reading to click on all the blogs of people who comment on mine.  They are all wonderful!  And similarly, check through my followers (though there's no way to find the Bloglovin' ones?).  Top notch bunch!

For the Blog Award rules, they are both similar:

1. Thank the bloggers who named you, with links back to their blogs.  
2. Choose 3 new awardees, with links to their blogs (criteria under Award photos above).
3.  Notify your awardees about their accolades.

Thank you again!


  1. congrats dear!i wanted to comment but blogger misbehaved as you know.


  2. congratulations on your two awards. and thank you for posting the liebster. see you :)

  3. I am loving your blog more and more ... I like the artsy shots, the candidness, ... Really inspiring! Keep it up!!!


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