Monday, May 16, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete loves sushi in the summer.  My favorites are salmon and eel.  Thinking of sushi these past few cold, rainy days made me think of what I'd like to wear -- were the weather more forgiving, of course.

Zara skirt
HOBO International clutch
Silver cuff gift

So I pulled out the colorful Zara skirt as a foil for a salmon-colored clutch. This was hastily shot in the evening when the sun dared to peak from behind the clouds. (You can actually see the blinds casting shadows.)  This also means I didn't have time to steam the wrinkles out of the skirt - sorry!

Does food influence your choice of outfits?  Or vice versa?  As we speak, I am making salmon for dinner.


  1. Not only food inspires my fashion life.. Everything that I feel connected I imagine fashion surround.
    Great clutch and fabulous stripe skirt
    lee x

  2. I guess I've never really looked at it that way. That is a great connection.

  3. Thanks, Lee, and congratulations on your 1 yr. old blog!
    Nyanzi, if the connection is farfetched, chalk it up to my convoluted mind =)
    Sunday, that's cool - I get so many compliments on that skirt!

  4. ♥ the bag!!:D

  5. I also love sushis but I cannot find any here in Auvergne. your salmon bag is gorgeous and it is perfect with that wonderful striped skirt. and I think it is a very nice concept to match food and outfit.

  6. and another appearance! yes, sometimes food does influence me while shopping!


Dear Fellow Aesthetes, I love hearing your thoughts. I think the other readers find them valuable too! Much love xxx

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