Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's raining intermittently today so no outdoor outfit shots for you folks.  Instead, I put my imagination back into the sun and blue skies of my Southern Cal trip over 2 weeks ago.

I shot non-stop at the Getty Center in LA.  In film-speak, I shot rolls.  I figured I'd do a slow time-release, just like medicine, enough to keep us feeling good particularly on grey days.

Richard Meier's architecture was amazing (how many times have I said this?).  Harnessing light and shadow: such a simple but striking concept!

Getty Center
shadows by the stair well
photo: The Foolish Aesthete

I particularly loved the zig zag shadows cascading down the stairs.   It made me think of the ancient Ziggurats of Ur, ascending to the heavens.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, hopefully sunnier than mine.


  1. I really like you picture :) Reminds me of math and geometry - and that'sn not a bad thing!!! ;) (I'm an engineer ;) )

  2. Love your description of using 'a slow time-release, just like medicine...' and your capturing of the shadow and light here is very much a tonic for the eyes! Hope your weekend of dress rehearsals were not too exhausting. Your homage to Martha Graham images in a recent post are extraordinary - such absolute poise and grace.

  3. Beautiful image! Love the geometry, and architectural lines!

  4. wow! It's nice.
    amazing photo.

  5. love the photo..even i like the zig zag much..

  6. Thank you, everyone. I never know who will enjoy non-fashion pictures!

    Beautycountry: I totally respect your engineering background! I live among many here in CA. And I actually began as a maths major and worked in an analytical industry though my heart was in the Arts!

    Roz: I appreciate your comments! I am a fan of your beautiful photography and outfits in the English countryside.

  7. Wow these photo is so cool, I really had to look closely to see it's 'just' a shadow! Great photo!


  8. Great graphic shot. Well caught. Xxxx

  9. stunning picture!


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