Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete is in a silly mood again.  I just love The Coveteur and their artful lifting-of-the-veil behind the most glamorous closets.  Knowing I will never get Coveteured, I went about Coveteuring myself.  (Many thanks to the Man Repeller for a new verb in the English language.)

I assembled a quick arrangement using whatever was within arms' reach.  The tulips are 2 days past their prime, but still straining to show some fading beauty.  The Betsey Johnson wedges, whimsical as they are with their bow tie front and leopard print soles, deserved a place in the shot.  After all, I pounded the pavement in LA with them a few weeks ago -- and who walks in LA?

A Little Arrangement
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Photo: The Foolish Aesthete

A local Bay Area artist created the mixed media art backdrop.  When I asked him what the colors, textures and etched writing meant, he remarked that only his psychotherapist really knew.  Cue from Rorschach: we are free to assign any meaning we like to it.  (I won't judge you even if it is a disturbed interpretation.)

On a serious note, for you fashion lovers:  Don't we just love Richard Avedon's photography?  I saw the Avedon photography exhibit at the San Francisco MoMA last year and just thought he was a genius!


  1. This is what I call successful coveteuring! =)

  2. I guess that's what most fashion blogs do: self-Coveteur!

  3. i love this! i could stare at it all day long and draw many different conclusions. That's what art is supposed to do. Thanks for sharing.

  4. what i am about to point out has been ingrained into all indian brains for years,but the betsey johnsons over the avedon book is sort of a sacrilege,:P...books are a gift of the goddess saraswati and feet are considered unclean..but i love the shoes and that backdrop is just stunning with the fragile tulips.

  5. Hi Songbird, I'm Asian too and have the same taboos! Believe me, I dusted off the shoes first, and immediately dusted off the Avedon book after shooting :-)

  6. The backdrop is amazing - It looks 3D. I like how you have styled your shot around it. Avedon - words cannot convey the love enough. Xxxx

  7. Je fais des illustrations qui pourraient te plaire sur :


    Bisoux ;)

    Follow you !

  8. What a great image! Love this. The textures, the colours.... And yes, love Avedon, too!


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