Friday, May 20, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete can now breathe a sigh of relief ... sigh...  Show is finished.  While there were so many things we wish we could have done better, the audience was moved and teary-eyed.  Goal accomplished.

I am liking these little vignettes a la Coveteur. So here's an encore for the mask I wore at the Opening of the Ballet.  (For those who are familiar with Romeo & Juliet, we opened with the regal Montagues & Capulets promenade to heavy Prokofiev music -- everyone masked and in their various costumes for the show).  The flowers are freshly received from the performance.

Wild Arrangement
Mask and Flowers: from the show
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent
Photo:  The Foolish Aesthete

The mask was so wild, I looked like The Firebird.  All the stranger since I was wearing my White Swan costume with it.  That's a serious split personality disorder. And for those who have ever judged a book by its cover, Euripides made it to the arrangement purely on the basis of color.  (Alright, nothing beats the Greek tragedies.  I truly love them.)  

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent
Photo: The Foolish Aesthete

Why, do you ask, are those shoes walking on top?  Because they had been chastised for even considering going on top of Euripides. ;-)  Actually, I always think of the ballet whenever I use my old YSLs.  The black, embroidered lace is reminiscent of our costumes.

By the way, Photographer friends out there, how do you stamp your photos with your name/logo so nobody can steal it from you?


  1. congrats:)
    well one way is to use photoshop to watermark the photos as you wish.or you can use word as well.
    In Elements 2.0:
    Choose the Text Tool
    Pick a font, style, and size
    Choose a color
    Click in the image where you want to type
    Type your name

    If you want a copyright symbol, use Alt-0169, and type the year and your name:
    © 2007 John Doe

    It also helps if you drag the Layers pallet to the workspace so you can see which layer you're working on.

  2. Your photo "ensembles" are getting better and better! Love these arrangements! Gorgeous shoes!!!

    And congrats for the show! That mask looks amazing!

  3. Wow, these are so amazing! I would die for these!!! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  4. I dance ballet too! I go to National Ballet School in Gdańsk [ Poland :) }. I love these shoes! Yves Saint Laurent was such an amazing designer!


  5. Thanks, everyone!
    @Songbird - Many thanks for the tips. I use a Mac and as yet don't have Photoshop. So I am looking for the Mac equivalent of what you suggested.

    And it's lovely to always "meet" new dancers and other talented folks out there in the blog world xoxoxo


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