Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tomorrow is a busy day.  We'll be running our show in the evening.  We get into the theater early to prepare, then go through spacing and technical rehearsals with lighting and curtains. I probably shouldn't have had that glass of wine at dinner.

Breaking my new pointe shoes

For you curious ones, this is part of my process of breaking in new pointe shoes -- not to be done to your Louboutins.  Fashionistas have round toes vs. pointy toes, block heels vs. stilettos.  Similarly, there is an endless variety of shapes for pointe shoes.  In the latter's case, they are incredibly important -- if the shoe doesn't fit, you can't dance!  This is a new shape I'm trying out.  I hope it works.

Breaking in my new pointe shoes

I just happened upon this fun little short film featuring New York City Ballet's Ashley Bouder.  You get a sense of the restrained control in Ballet vs. the freedom of Freestyle.  All dance is beautiful.  This guy tWitch moves wonderfully!  I liked the gritty studio setting they used too.

Short video from Discount Dance Supply, with New York City Ballet's Ashley Bouder

What dance do you like to watch? (or do?)


  1. Great video. I prefer the freestyle.

  2. i love any form...starting from classical indian to freestyle..i love fusion the best because you get to see an upbeat contrast and the music also seems so much more intense..all the best for your show.:)

  3. I loved the video and the pictures! Hope things work out with the new pointe shoes!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes!

    @Nyanzi, based on this video, I would agree with you -- Freestyle wins! However, at the highest level of artistry (which this choreography and delivery did not express), Ballet can move the eye, the soul and the intellect. I feel the same way about Opera. Anyway, I still love all forms of dance, including folk and cultural dance xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful! I still have my first pair of pointe shoes! so hard to break in yet so easy to get soft after! haha

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    Miss Neira

  6. Ooh the same thing happened as for you when you tried to leave me a comment a while back. but in my case I wrote it and waited too long to hit the button. WAs going to say I love these shots of your own feet - I'm guessing you took them too, on a timer? - and to say I hope your performance was wonderful.

    Great blog, great weekend, 'see' you soon! xx

  7. Yes, Polka Dot, my timer, tripod and I are becoming fast friends! :-) Looking forward to seeing a self-portrait of yours again!

  8. btw are you allowed to wear hi-heeled shoes in general?

  9. @Divinitus - So many dancers I know LOVE high heels! It is in the same spirit of long lines we aim for in dance. In fact, I am most comfortable in heels. Perhaps my achilles tendon has shortened so much with pointing? I get heel pain from flats.

  10. thanks, i was always curious about that :)

  11. I worked for one year in a dance academy. I love jazz and hiphop but I don't know much about classic danse even though I think it is fascinating.


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