Saturday, May 21, 2011


"Sculpting In Time" -- Andrei Tarkovsky's book on art and cinema

This Foolish Aesthete was watching "The Mirror" last night by legendary film maker, Andrei Tarkovsky.  Each frame is so patiently beautiful.  His philosophy in film: "Sculpting in time."

Pool reflection
Photo: The Foolish Aesthete

Inspired so, I went about just trying to be in the moment.  No intentions of capturing anything in particular.  Tarkovsky never felt the need to provide action or even a straight narrative in his storytelling. (Of course, I could never shoot anything as beautiful as Tarkovsky.)

The sun was getting low but still bright.  I nearly burnt my eyeballs trying to get shots straight at the sun through the trees. (I know, stupid, right?)  With eyes hurting, I decided to focus on the reflection in the pool instead.  This is the image that came out.  The colors actually came out Tarkovsky-esque unintentionally.  It doesn't even look like the pool at all.

How about you -- what are your favorite films?


P.S.  Thanks to Songbird for the Watermarking tips.  This is a basic text start!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you are most welcome!!!
    love this looks like a painting! the colours and the light.perfect!

  3. you knew aishwarya rai!!!oh my god!!that is like the coolest thing ever!:D

  4. Thanks. And I'm sure Aishwarya has no recollection of me ... we knew her more as the beauty queen friend of our friend who graced our drinks gatherings in NYC with her presence. The last time I saw her years ago, she was promoting a Bollywood film and she was telling me how she had studied Indian classical dance and how marriage was the kiss of death for her career. But look now -- she's married and a star!

  5. Beautiful shot. Very calming. I have many movies I love. One of them is Blade Runner. Xxxx

  6. Fashionistable, oh, I absolutely love Blade Runner (script, filming, and Sean Young's beauty!) as well as most of Ridley Scott's films.

    Clement, merci!

  7. beautiful impressionistic photo..... I like Jane Campion and Jean Luc Godard among others.

  8. You have the most original, fresh and interesting blog, so I am following, and adding you to my blogroll.

  9. @SoapyMermaid, Jean Luc Godard is great! I think I've only seen one film of Jane Campion's. I should check out the others.

    @Sacramento - thank you and welcome! I'm impressed with what you're doing too!

  10. The picture looks like a painting. Very intriguing. Great shot!


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