Saturday, September 15, 2012


I wore this to a meeting
and the pants sure got some attention!

Aprés-summer is rolling in with the daily fog.  But the other day, the sun was glorious, and I was able to pull the ouch-give-me-my-sunglasses pants out.  The trousers certainly arrived at the meeting way before the rest of me did.  (Note: Silicon Valley style is rather relaxed.)

This is a quick and penitent hello.  I have truly been missing all your blogs and creative inspiration.  You know what it is to have your hands in way too many pots?  Were I an octopus, I'd still be needing extra tentacles.  (My husband wonders whether my cephalopod approach to life is a character asset or flaw!)  A good friend and I were discussing how one life is just not enough for everything we want to do.  Reincarnation actually sounds appealing.

Which do you think is better: 1) Jack-of-all-trades, master of none, or 2) expert on a most esoteric subject?


  1. eccentric jack of all trades!
    and those pants are fabulous!

  2. Fun pants.
    I'd prefer to be jack-of-all trades but not all "trades" at once. That way one can be an esoteric expertise, too, while mastering one thing at a time. So I'd like to think.. ;)

  3. I vote for reincarnation, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Such a pleasure to see you, my dear friend in those glorious colous.

  4. Nice to see you in those bold trousers! I love them! Hhmm, perhaps jack of all trades + esoteric expertise, lol. :) Have a great week!

  5. First of all - the trousers are wonderful. I'd call them 'Summer-Don't-Go' pants. I'm more the 'sticking to one thing with intensity' (until I get bored) person... but or because of this I very much admire the Jack of all Trades :)


  6. I'm going to adopt that expression if I may - "a cephalopod approach to life" - definitely a character asset in my book, not a flaw. Phenomenal print trousers too, really vibrant and feel-good.
    Can't help being slightly mesmerised by the height of the windows/doors(?) in the background too and the hint of vista soaring away.

  7. I think being an expert in a chosen field could lead to greatness and deep satisfaction in what you've achieved (but that is never a guarantee)- but a jack of all trades/cephalopod approach to life is probably a lot more fun x

  8. i was just dropping by to see what’s new and say hello… :)
    x sandra

  9. Oh I do love a statement piece. It is good you were shaking up relaxed silicon valley with these. As to your question Mmmmm. I see myself as a bit of a Jack and a Master. So does that make me Master Jack ;-)? Xxxx

  10. I think that young people in particular have so much creativity and scope for potential career paths that they often feel swamped and are not sure which path to pursue-making them jack of all trades; but I suppose with age and maturity we will all hopefully achieve proficiency in an area we feel inspires us to be great at. I think I must be describing my unorganised mind! :D
    Love your trousers...and the view!
    Christobel x


Dear Fellow Aesthetes, I love hearing your thoughts. I think the other readers find them valuable too! Much love xxx

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