Monday, April 2, 2012


... and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

                                             -- Genesis 2:2, King James Bible

Seven days -- what a record in efficiency.  My productivity pales by comparison.  Of course, I am nowhere near Almighty nor Omnipotent.  (Handel's Messiah is playing in my head with all those resounding adjectives and synonyms for God.  Ah, it must be Lent.  Scroll down to the end if you celebrate Easter.)

There are still boxes to sift through and rooms to put in order.  But I am resting, just for the moment, and taking in the view.  This project has taken a whole year.  Technically, more work still needs to be done, a bit inside and outside, but at least we can now live in our (mostly) renovated home.

Late afternoon vista from our Living Room
The views extend all the way to
San Francisco and Berkeley on a clear day.
At night, we see the twinkling lights of Silicon Valley.

For several weeks, I could only savor the exterior landscape.  Boxes dominated the interior landscape -- their own cardboard city, raining dust along with styrofoam and packing tissues.  We finally managed to tackle the initial towers over the weekend, dismantling the columns like Lego sets after play.  Best of all, we cleared up enough space to hang favorite paintings we hadn't seen properly in years.  In the nick of time too.  We expect guests to stay, one right after the other, from this weekend on.

Frequent visitors, dining on our front garden,
seen from our kitchen nook

It has been an all-consuming but rewarding undertaking.  Thank you for your patience over the past months!

Have you renovated or done construction before? 

This foyer area was
laden with boxes until this evening!
We designed wall niches
to display our special pieces
throughout the house


For those of you who celebrate the Lenten Season and Easter, here's a favorite, humorous rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel's "Messiah".


  1. It looks as if your renovated home has been worth the wait - what a marvellous place! Look forward to seeing more pictures. What made you decide on a total renovation? it's quite an upheaval, even though you did only move down the road.

    Sigh, our place could so do with a total renovation. We're not very good at that kind of thing though ... seems to take forever just to change the knobs on the kitchen cabinets :)

    Funny clip!

  2. the view is just amazing!!!and the interiors look takes time to put everything in place..i shifted recently and things are lying all over in piles..we are slowly putting things in the places..

  3. Ah, your place looks and feels magnificent. It's obvious that you did put a lot of thought and work into it.

    I'm currently touching up my monster of a desk and it takes ages. Mainly because I have to wait till my Dad has time for the transport of the parts. But the result will be well worth it.

    Have a great week and take the time to thoroughly enjoy your new/old home.

  4. Oh my, this is a dream! (and surely worth the wait and the work) Yeap, I've done a lot of renovating before, and never much enjoyed it. xoxo

  5. Ok can I move in too????????? no kidding ypur place is amazing! I want tolive there too!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. Hello:
    And what a wonderful view from the window which, as you suggest, must be quite spectacular at night. Although you have not been long in this house, with the absence of the Lego blocks and columns, you clearly have a most splendid space in which to display some very attractive art works. Alas for the deer in the garden. Picturesque from where we are but, we fear, a nuisance to you.

    We have discovered your interesting and eclectic blog through Jenny Woolf and are signing ourselves as Followers.

  7. You appear to be living in paradise (indoors and outdoor)! I have strings of superlatives running through my head looking at each photo. It's clearly going to be an absolute joy living in your newly renovated home.

  8. it is spectacular... love it :)


  9. I have to say I have always dreamed of a picture window live yours. What a treat. This has been well worth the wait. What a reveal. I wish you both many happy wonderful years enjoying your magnificent home. Xxxx

  10. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful view!!!Woow and what a cute visitor you are having in your garden.You have done great job. House looks stunning in these photos.
    Never done before constrution before, but I can imagine how much it takes time and energy, it's like having second job.
    Enjoy it, because you have done realy huge and amazing job!

    xoxo Ra

  11. My goodness what a stunning view! I've only had minor renovations in a flat, but it's well worth it, especially when you are able to hang art, I love that feeling. Enjoy your beautiful home dear. xx

  12. Wow that view is amazing! What a great view! You house looks amazing with wonderful decoration :)

  13. Your view is stunning. I just watched the Tuscany episode of an old Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on netflix last night and I didn't realize until today seeing your blog that San Francisco so closely resembled the most beautiful place on Earth. Although that makes sense: wine country. I would be incredibly jealous if you didn't seem like such a wonderful person :) I'm happy for you instead! What a beautiful home you have!

  14. thanks for pointing the bloglovin glitch out to me!:)

  15. Beautiful!


  16. Ahhh the Han man has found his place!

  17. Pretty pictures!

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  18. I love the way you write and I really like the first shot

    NRC ♥

  19. the views sell it for me. and i adore nooks and niches... and pieces that mean something to their owners.

    we built a stone house from scratch 18 months ago (in Montenegro), are currently in the middle of major exterior renovations, and, initially not our intention, will sell up to the first great offer!

  20. Great photos! Really love them :) x

  21. Oh MY GOD, Jenny: it looks gorgeous! So you did post about it. Oh I can't wait to see more photos. This is more beautiful than I even imagined. Your aesthetic is exactly ours. The way you've placed the artwork.. can't wait to show my husband when he gets home. I want to see more photos.

    I love the way you wrote.. dismantling the lego boxes.. ; ) x

  22. your new house seems to be like heaven, indoors and outdoors! ♥


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