Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm half in, half out of houses right now.  Our yearlong renovation is nearly complete and we are slowly setting up.  And yet, I am again covered in dust -- this time, from packing up our belongings and folding up the tents.

These pointe slippers made it to the packing box.  Many more pairs, looking like casualties of war, headed for the trash bin (why I never threw them out before, I don't know).  I do wish all of my shoes, ballet slippers to high heels, were enchanted. Then they could just traipse themselves over to their new barracks.

Some pointe slippers surviving the move
Taken right before I packed them

Years ago, my husband declared me a Closet Imperialist -- conquering every closet in the house and leaving him only 5 inches of hanging space (embarrassingly accurate except for the measurements). This time, the Roman Legions are standing guard outside his and the guest bedroom's new walk-in closets!  So tempting, yet I am trying to restrain my inner Caesar and plan to stick to my designated boundaries on the map.  We shall see.  I don't know many Imperialists who've ceded plum territory.

Microcosm of my shoe wardrobe
seen in pointe shoe variety: diverse
toe boxes, widths, vamps and shanks
I've filled up 6 packing boxes with shoes already,
and am still packing ...

Our move is only 15 minutes away, so we have been going back and forth every day with our caravan.  I feel a bit like the soldier ant, carting big loads on his back each time.  This might be a 2 week process.

My computer will also be on the wagon trail soon and discovering a new set up -- i.e. expect technical glitches.  Please bear with me while we relocate.  I am so looking forward to seeing everybody from the other end!   Who among you have moved and understand what this is all about?

Thank you so much to Songbird, for tagging me on her post.  I promise to look into the questions!


  1. I had to read your post twice, Jenny. I now understand that you've had a renovation in your existing house that lasts a year. For some reason I'd read, instead, that you regularly moved between these two houses 15 minutes apart. The addition of huge quantities of pink ballet slippers just made it seem more surreal. *hits self on side of head*

    We were in Tate Britain the other day and had a marvellous surprise.The English National Ballet were rehearsing in the main hall for a set of performances they were due to give the following two evenings.

    The performances were free, and we only had three hours to wait, but frustratingly we had to get home. It was really wonderful to see such exellent dancers from very close up - what a bonus.

    i have yet to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet but they've sent me another payment for my essay in their programme, and so I expect it is about to have another season. This time, I must go. It looks and sounds (from the DVD) like a fabulous production.

    I wish I could dance. To say "two left feet" is an understatement as far as I am concerned!

    1. Jenny, I apologize for the confusion! Since I do delight in the non-linear and the surreal, I suppose it carries through in my discombobulated blog posts :-)

  2. At first I thought all the slippers are the same, it took me some time to recognize the differences. Well, never been a ballet dancer.

    Good luck with your move.

  3. They are beautiful! Much good luck to you! x

  4. this is so beautifully written..i am amazed! i moved last week to a new floor of our house and the move was hectic..all of us going up and down to bring our things and start again..

  5. loli just read your comment on my blog!'s not racist at all haha..i think all asians are considered nerds or geeks..
    i just noticed it..and thanks for telling me!something's up..i am trying to fix it..

  6. I've moved so many times I TOTALLY understand. But do these beautiful pointe shoes really all have to go?? xo

  7. WOW, I'm happy for you that it's only 15 minutes away. I've moved my whole life quite a bit and it's generally no fun. I love the photos of your special pointe shoes. Wishing you the best on the move!

  8. Good luck with the renovation, hope everything went well ! Nice images btw :)

  9. Omg I am so jealous, ballet shoes have to be one of my absolute favourite! I actually bought some hoping to wear them casually, big mistake. The colour and satin is the prettiest thing about them. Unfortunately no Coppelia, my friend had to drop out last minute and I can't do anything by myself haha. SO disappointed :(

  10. I know! Moving could be a pain but also a fresh start! Secretly I love moving I have a nomad heart :)

  11. Good luck on the move! (and keeping to your closet boundaries!)

  12. I wish you every success with your move. I do understand the upheaval I will be going through it again pretty soon myself too. Enjoy. Xxxx

  13. beautiful...SUCESS! I'm sure you will get them


  14. oh, these are so beautiful, sometimes I wish I could had a chance to dance ballet just because of ballet slippers and beautiful dresses.
    Good luck with move!!

    xoxo Ra

  15. Just house not country this time. Hope you are settling in nicely. Must feel wonderful after all the work you have done to finally be home. Xxxx

  16. I moved so I know what you mean!! How many pointe slippers do you have???????
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  17. Hi Jenny,
    I totally understand I moved too, one week before Christmas-- I'm still organizing my new place! In between working from home, managing the new website, events and much more at the same time! Anyway good luck with your new home.
    By the way beautiful photos too. =(^.^)=

    Have a beautiful weekend and happy Spring!

  18. Moving is sooo exhausting.. but we feel so relieved when it is done! impressive collection of pointe shoes that makes so pretty photos. bon courage as we say in french ;)

  19. I hope that the process of your move is going well - I can just picture the soldier ant-like trudging that would be occasioned just by my having to empty my bedroom, let alone a whole house...
    'Closet Imperialist' - what a great phrase. Oh for the chance to annexe a few more metres of hanging or cupboard space! I have already conquered the small stretch of corridor between my and my brother's bedroom doors and occupied it with a rail for coats and jackets. The poor boy has to squeeze past to get into his room as though making his way through racks of coats to Narnia.

  20. Haha "Closet Imperialist". That was great!

  21. Lovely blog.

  22. Ahhhh! Just love these photos of your pointe shoes all lined up like this - I hope you didn't throw these ones away! I still have a box in my shed of all my old ballet shoes include the pointe ones and can't bring myself to toss them out! Mr V would have much to talk about with your hubby!
    From a fellow Closet Imperialist xx

  23. Beautiful dream girl xxx
    I adore these xxx

  24. What a great post! The pointe shoes instantly caught my eye; I used to go to dance school in London where I actually study academically now and I know exactly how you feel about your shoes. I feel like they are extension of yourself in a way; they accompany you on many adventures and trials and to abandon them would feel to me like auctioning-or orphaning off a little bit of my soul. I do love your writing too; witty, humorous,observational. I have just set up a new blog, do take a read. I shall be back of course, if you would like to follow each other then I'd be delighted.
    Christobel x


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