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I've logged many hours this week in excursions through Time.  I cast off in antiquity with texts by the famed architect, Vitruvius, and skimmed through to the 21st century's Deconstructivist forms.  Whilst docking in the post-modern world, my accessories reflected the titanium sails conceived by the architect, Frank Gehry.

"Wonder Woman" silver cuffs
My dinner companions drew comparisons
to the bullet-proof ones worn by the female superhero

Re-arranging the cuffs reminded me
of the various forms emerging from
Frank Gehry's architecture as I strolled around it

My tired, lack of imagination fell back on the associated deconstructionist theme -- fragmented fabric haphazardly gathered in external stitching visible around the cowl and torso.

Dress: Edun
Booties: Kork-Ease

This is Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall which I photographed in downtown LA last springtime.  Can you sense the billowing sails he envisioned when he sketched this out? Or the musicality in the structure? These titanium sails encapsulate one of the most sophisticated acoustical structures in the world.  Apparently, you can hear every instrument in the orchestra with clarity from any seat.  I would love to hear the LA Philharmonic here sometime!
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Architect: Frank Gehry
New positive and negative forms kept emerging
as I walked around its titanium skin

But now, I sail backwards towards the 19th Century, stopping to accompany favorite Dickensian characters in their peregrinations around London, Dover, Yarmouth ... Charles Dickens' 200th birthday has spurred me to pick up these beloved volumes -- some read, some yet unread, over the next several weeks.  All my other readings have been put on hold while I curl up to these affectionately penned characters, dear as old friends.  (I sense the adoption of velvet top coats and high, white collars in the following weeks.)

Is your style heavily influenced by your activities at the time?  For those in England, are you commemorating Charles Dickens in any way?


  1. I love this post... and the cuffs!

    Enjoy the journey back in time!

  2. Thanks so much for your nice comment and I've been seeing so many cuffs like this on fashion blogs, I love them and definitely want to start looking for a pair. I really like yours!


  3. Beautiful and very informative post. I didn't know about the sails.

    I'm more influenced by movies when it comes to my style than by books. Currently I love "Aeon Flux", which reminds me that I need to get an appointment with my hairstylist.

    Have a great week.

  4. My style heavily influenced by everything and everybody.
    Loving and wanting your "Wonder Woman" silver cuffs.

  5. I love this building, and yes, I can truly see the wind in the sails. Just reading Dickens would be a good start to me - I'm embarrassingly illiterate when it comes to the famous English writer. X

  6. ove the cuffs!! And that Edun dress is amazing. Love the achitectural elements brought into this look.


  7. i could go crazy for those cuffs. i like to wear things that have sculptural elements.
    Frank Gehry's work is almost other worldly, but really stunning.
    i'm sure my style is influenced by books i read, places i visit, what's on my mind.
    great post. :)

  8. i can see the sails envisioned in the construction..and those wonder woman cuffs are brilliant.

  9. those silver cuffs are brilliant, nice addition. frank gehry is THEE man indeed, he's got such a unique vision. He's done so much too, stuff you have probably seen but didn't realise, maybe not having the crazy style as we expect but still very gehry.

    cheers glad you liked my last post, the pics are actually on a wooden table in my back garden. yeah very true, you can't wear stuff from the UK/USA all the time, it's impossible. the majority of my wardrobe is probably from china. even a lot of my levi's stuff is

  10. My mum is fan of Dickens but I'm more into Jane Austen well both are great :) I love your Cuffs they are truly statement pieces. I love this type of modern architecture a pice of sculpture and a building, stunning!

  11. Hmmm not at the moment otherwise I'd look like a beggar right now!
    BTW the concert hall is amazing, I have never seen something similar! Boo you Renzo Piano!This one is definitely better.
    Can I have one of your cuffs? You know self dfence...saving the world...well I love them!!!

  12. I'd love to see the Disney concert hall. And I want to see the concert hall in Bilbao. I also was very taken with the Team Disney building in Burbank .. not AT ALL like the sort of thing I generally associate with him, since it features seven giant dwarves.

    No, what I am doing doesn't affect the way I dress. I think this means I'm not really a visual artist at heart, even though the way things look is so important to me.

  13. What a splendid reinterpretation of those magnificent silver cuffs - as both Frank Gehry's architecture as well as a homage to Wonder Woman. Well, you do seem to be something of a wonder woman, so it's entirely appropriate! My own commemoration of Dickens involves me diving into Bleak House whenever I have a spare moment (often over breakfast). I've been reading it for ages now as I usually have several books on the go simultaneously - fiction and non-fiction and galloping reads/slow reads. Dickens is in the latter category so that I can savour the characters and descriptions.

  14. I have a crush on those bracelets!
    great blog!

  15. What a incredible story... I've never been to Concert Hall, but I really would love to go!
    And the cuffs are amazing too, great taste girl.

    Have a beautiful week!!!

  16. Such a great post, I like it!!! The cuffs are simply fab!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Win an amazing dress of your choice up to £200, enter the Zeleb giveaway

  17. beautiful photos, i love the cuffs, and this post is nicely put together
    hope you're having a great week

  18. oh gosh those cuffs are so insanely beautiful!! I love Dickens xxx

  19. great pics! love the outfit!

    I recently started a mens fashion blog and would love for you to take a look at it. maybe you could tell me what you like or don’t like about it so I can make improvements! if you like it and follow it that would be amazing!

  20. Beautiful pictures, looks like an amazing outfit! :)

    XOXF. -

  21. Embarrassing confession, I wanted to BE Wonder Woman. I even owned a pair of Wonder Woman underwear. My best friend and I would practice spinning in the living room after school, trying to change into her. Not even kidding a little bit. I would so wear these bracelets in a heart beat. I love how you combined it with that dress. I've not read any Dickenson recently but I definitely need to.

  22. I like your thinking here. And the concert hall looks like the Guggenheim in Bilbao but then it is the same architect so not that surprising. So Wonder Woman and Dickens what a wonderful combination. I hadnt anything planned for the 200th birthday. But I have a velvet jacket I think I will give an airing now you have made me think of it. Xxxx

  23. very beautiful bracelets! :D love this post


  24. finally i can comment, in last days/weeks i tried but i couldn't, weird!! anyway, really interesting posting and i 'm wondering.. are you using the cuffs also during winter? how? maybe you could do a post about it........ :):) because i have to cuffs that i used a lot this summer but now i don't feel comfortable to wear them.. maybe if i see how others do it i get inspired!!;)

  25. The cuffs are indeed stunning! (will hop over now to see your guest post! xx)

  26. I love the clean look of those cuffs and the gorgeous architecture inspiration. Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  27. Cool cuffs!


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