Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This past half year of blogging, I have had the greatest privilege of meeting talented, creative people from all over the world.  Many have been daily inspirations.  More than that, they are virtual friends.

As promised in my last post, I am sharing one of these friend/inspirations.  You may all have met her already from her own edgily creative blog, MARMALADE.  If you haven't, I would love for you all to meet Victoria.  We meet up here for virtual tea where she has kindly let me interview her for all our benefit.

(all photos taken by Victoria, previously posted on her blog, and selected to display her artistic range)

TFA:  What is your artistic background?

The problem with me is that I have always been a Jack-of-all-trades. I don't think this is a good thing but it is true. I have memories of me making clothes for my dolls, going to painting classes etc. at the age of 9 years old. I started studying Industrial design in Mexico but left to study Art in London.  Then, I did a few courses in fashion too. I've worked as a florist, fashion sales assistant, visual merchandiser, opened my own shop and my last job was in an I.T. company. I have always known I wanted to do something creative, mainly, because deep in my heart, I know I'm rubbish at anything else. I have tried other trades but I believe you can't ever be the best at something that you are not passionate enough about.

TFA:  What is your favorite medium?  Why?

This is my old, same battle.  So many times, I've wanted to focus on one thing, but I found it almost impossible. I truly love everything that involves creativity.  Some days, I feel like taking photos.  Other days, I feel like painting or designing something. I get bored of just doing one thing. I like to have different mediums of expression.

TFA:  Who or what are your favorite sources of inspiration?

Frida Kahlo, Ellen Rogers, Deborah Turbeville, Francesca Woodman, Allison Scarpulla, Basquiat, Francis Bacon, David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Simone de Beauvoir, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul Auster, Albert Camus, Tim Burton, Katharine Hepburn, Iamamiwhoami, Just to mention a few.

TFA:  Why did you begin your blog?

Out of desperation because I was not doing anything creative and I was depressed. I thought it could be a start to build myself again.

TFA:  Do you have hobbies, even non-artistic ones?

Cooking.  For me cooking is another way of been creative.  I love trying new food, new spices, herbs. I also love listening music.  I do it all day. It helps my ideas to flow. I also love reading.

TFA:  Thank you, Victoria, for sharing yourself and your creativity with us.  I am so glad you began Marmalade!


Perhaps you'll understand now why I admire Victoria's edgy aesthetic. It seems to reach for every point on the artistic sphere -- like a robust wheel's spokes radiating in diverse creative directions.  It would be no surprise to see additional spokes in the future either.   (Prior to this interview, I didn't even know she made sculptures!)  What a terrific list of inspirations as well -- all fascinating, talented people.

I hope to share more wonderful Bloggers here on this space next year.  Whom do you admire on the Blog-o-sphere?


  1. I know and adore Victoria, and I couldn´t agree more with you about how some bloggers become more than friends, even part of your family.
    Great Feature, my dear friend

  2. Beautiful feature! I'm in love with that bookshelf! Amazing art.

  3. I am so glad we didnt have long to wait for this, She is inspiring and inspired. Thank You for this great post. I love your interview. Xxxx
    Re your comment today - Did David photograph her - I was on her blog again today and Net a Porter featured a similar shot in their online mag. She was probably photographed a lot that day. Xxxx

  4. Your blog is so inspiring !!!


  5. I know victoria's blog and love it. very nice interview :)

  6. I am definitely going to have to check out her blog! Victoria sounds fascinating!

  7. love these pictures. thanks for sharing. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge. Love to hear what you think. Thanks, love. xo


  8. really great body of work, and challenges what i would usually be into. great interview and post. i admire loads of people, just hope i can meet some of them one day

  9. I can so identify with Victoria (though I'm really crap at painting, and she's way more talented than I am) - but this jack-of-all-trades thing... It's wonderful, and it's a bane - especially in a world that demands experts. But I don't thing we're all made this way... we need to explore, experiment. What a great artist she is!

  10. victoria seems like just the kind of person i would love to know more about!her work is beautiful and so are her words..
    your blog is one of my favourites and i mean it truly.

  11. Hey! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) Fab interview! Would love to have you as a follower xoxo

  12. Love your blog! Your posts are so creative. I hope you will check out my scarf line


    As seen on Rihanna and Daisy Lowe! I think it would really suit your style x

  13. Thank you so much for the feature Jenny! I really enjoyed your questions! I will post this in my next post so people can check your lovely blog too. Take care. xx

  14. i love this. the 3rd photos is amazing.. wow

  15. She is eclectic and definitely talented! i love the pictures and the painting!
    Whom I admire in the blogosphere, well all those blogs who show some thought behind the writing or talent in doing something creative!

  16. whatever creative avenue victoria's involved in, i'm glad she let's us all be a part of her art journey.

  17. she is so inspiring.
    i read her blog often.

  18. Totally love Victoria too , always very inspiring !! She was right .. your blog is very intresting :)
    Consider me as a new follower !!


  19. Loved reading this.
    Thanks for introducing her to us.
    she inspires me.

  20. She is such an incredible artist and blogger! I love the pictures you've chosen. Really good interview.

  21. Victoria and her blog are rare treasures to find in the increasingly overly saturated blogging world. I can also identify with her 'Jack of all trades' point- I was recently told that one of my 'problems' is I focus on too many creative things and need to pick one. In many ways I disagree, if you can do more than one thing well and it burns a never-ending need in your soul to be fulfilled- DO IT!


  22. great blog!!! following you ...visit my blog for my international christmas giveaway!!!



  23. thank you to make me discover this blog ^^ :)


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