Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi, everyone.  I just returned from Paris.

Paris ... ?  Not quite.
Hah!  Fooled you.  (Well, maybe not the Parisians).

This lovely building, which reminds me of Paris, is actually on the Upper West Side of NYC.  73rd Street & Broadway, to be exact.  It happens to be next to the Temple of the ballet world in Manhattan: Steps on Broadway.  Unfortunately, the Steps building isn't nearly as photogenic as this one is, so I swung my lens over here instead.

Of course, the beauty of Steps lies within its walls.  Elite dancers the world over take class daily, and I happily share in their sweat on the studio floor.  This time, it was great to be with a few guys from Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.  You know, the funny men in pointe shoes!  Don't let their antics onstage fool you.  As I witnessed in class, these men are serious technicians and artists.  They are male dancers who train and perform in pointe shoes, much like Shakespearian actors might rehearse in doublet and hose.  The result: convincing parody.

The Trocks!  They are terrifically funny, especially if you are familiar with the classical choreography behind their parodies.  Their technique and artistry are not to be underestimated.

But wait. This post isn't about ballet.  There's a reason it's labelled "Urban Landscapes."

I meant to contrast that first "European" building with the dizzying geometries most people may associate with New York architecture.

Complex geometries
off of 6th Avenue

Empire State Building reflected off of
another building on 43rd Street and Bryant Park

Unusually curved tunnels in the Times Square subway
also unusually devoid of people

Traffic on 59th Street Bridge into Manhattan
taken from the car
Some things never change!

Empire State Building and Chrysler Building
viewed from the car on 59th Street Bridge
on a dreary, rainy day
(I was on the far side of the back seat)

"Fall in New York!  Crisp, with the smell of mustard pretzels
mingled with subway steam"
-- how my friend described this photo

I wish I had had time to pass by Central Park, the High Line, the Met, SoHo, etc. -- all favorites, with their own urban vibes.  Next time again.  For my other impressions on previous trips, click here and here.

What images do you associate with New York?  Which city is your favorite in the world?


  1. Why, you foolish aesthete! had me fooled for a moment there! ;)
    This post just makes me want to visit NY, (never been there believe it or not..), really, really bad!

    Have a great weekend sweetie! :)

  2. love how you have captured the essence of NYC in its is the city i keep hearing "if you can make it here you can make it anywhere"...almost tingling thoughts..

  3. My favourite city by far is London; everything about it from the historic buildings to all the little knocks and cranneys hiding secret boutiques makes me feel at home; of course my decision is a bit bias; I have visited New York and find it so strange that the city is all in blocks, that it's been planned out and built in squares rather than emerging through history -although it does save the hassle of roundabouts! Gorgeous post by the way, fantastic imagery -I always love photographs that are framed out of the ordinary :)

  4. Okay - that was confusing me. Because I think I found you thru the Photodiarist (where DID I first find you? You seem to know a lot of people I do, too) and I just went to her blog and she seems to have been in Paris, too - I thought, what's up, EVERYONE is going to Paris this fashion week!

    But I love these photos. I'm kind of architecturally obsessed. My favourite city at the moment is Barcelona (is it big enough to be a city? It's kind of like a very big and beautiful town - with a great beach). But it's because of Gaudi, and the wonderful 'modernist' architecture movement - and modern architecture, too.

    I also love London, my home. I lived in NY too long - like a love affair that dragged on too long - but I do love stopping thru from time to time. Ha, that's funny, Charlotte Aimee said the same thing?

    I love your photographic eye. Have a lovely weekend - off to write my novel on this crisp perfectly sunny cold day. Like a crisp Big Apple.

    jill xoxo

  5. New York? The skyline and most shots of the Photodiarist.

    My favourite cities are Edinburgh and Leipzig. Just the right size, nice parks and citizens, nice architecture. I just enjoyed a perfectly crisp and sunny autumn day in Leipzig, with good food and then a long walk (with lots of camera action) along the Karl-Heine-Canal.

    Agreeing with Jill, fantastic pics.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. you certainly had me fooled! wonderful pictures of New York.

  7. that first photo is what I love about New York, that gorgeous buildings like that exist in the US. I admire the contrast the city offers with its old and modern architecture, its relatively long sense of history (at least for American standards), its spirit and energy. Fabulous city and one of a kind~
    As much as it is a cliche, I really do love Paris and NYC. But I haven't been to that many cities, and so it's hard to say for certain.
    Fantastic photos and post!
    xoxo Diana

  8. wow amazing photos :)

    btw go to Bulgari boutique!!! for sunnies shape I mean...

  9. Never been to NY and must rectify this - clearly some amazing architecture there - great photos! I saw the Trocks in London and they were a scream! How wonderful to be able to train with them.

  10. i love NY and can't wait to go there very soon... you are so clever with this post because it's very true... a lot of the architecture is very similar on both sides of the pond

  11. That first photo kinda fooled me for a second but I recognized it . . .

  12. I haven't visited enough cities worldwide to form a favorite (yet!) but I love London for its energy and dynamism and history.
    These photos really celebrate the drama of New York's architecture and, as you say, its geometry. I particularly like the reflected Empire State building.

  13. I guess I do associate New york more with new buildings than old ones the first photo is so Paris you are right! I love cities! so New York definitely will be my next city to visit! I love Paris but in London I feel at home I guess it's because I lived there nearly 10 years so I guess is like home to me :) We had a telepathic moment with POE. Have a lovely week :) xxx

  14. I've never been to the High Line! I've been wanting to go for the longest time! These photos were so gorgeous - and you actually tricked me for a second with the "Paris" picture!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  15. wow! spectacular pictures!!!!! :D thanks for sharing.. I really like discover this kind of shoots!


  16. Love all these architectural photos! I've never been to NY but I really really want to go someday! Hong Kong and SF are probably my most favorite cities!

  17. Oh dear those geometric buildings are awesome, i would like to go to manhattan some day and see empire state! what envyyyyy^^

    xx, Rachel <3<3

  18. i like this post. plenty. the paris.shot ;) yes you got me
    oh and i do love some ballet. still have left to see swan lake live..
    beautiful photos

  19. This is an important reminder to look up. Thank you for the ballet it made me smile. Xxxx

  20. Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing skylines. I need to be here so badly!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. You take amazing photos! I love contrasting buildings, it makes the place look more interesting :)

  22. Wonderful shots!

    Have a beautiful day!

  23. really beautiful shots of new york's architecture : buildings are indeed THE image I associate with NY. I don'tknow which city I prefer, I love Venice and I'd love to visit Prague in tcheck republic and Florence in italy ..

  24. HA! i could see that it wasnt paris. true story! but oh i wanna visit NYC! :( !! so bad!
    i love ur blog


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