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Dear Shutterbugs out there: Do you sometimes feel that your most beautiful moments in life are the ones you did not capture through your lens? My most extraordinary moments often are.

One of my favorite things to do in NYC is to dance in my old ballet studio and get star-struck rubbing shoulders with famous dancers.  Photography is strictly prohibited at Steps on Broadway, the temple of NYC's dance world.  A beloved ballet class taught by an amusing, old Russian dancer always provides inspiration.  This weekend, I shared a barre with the lovely Misty Copeland, who is a lot more petite than her magazine photographs convey!  She is also a rarity in the oft Caucasian classical ballet world.

Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theater
Photo: Google images

I've had divine moments in this same class with Baryshnikov or principal dancers from American Ballet Theater.

Another memorable, uncaptured experience was catching Werner Herzog's remarkable documentary, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," shot in 3D, at the International Film Center (IFC).  If you like art films, this was mesmerizing.  Prior to Herzog, we had actually come out of Robin Williams' Broadway appearance in "Bengal Tiger."  It was a heavy viewing day!

I did get to capture charming sights walking through NYC.  En route to the IFC for Herzog, we hustled past Washington Square Park, always a-buzz with street performers or NYU students.

Washington Square Park, NYC
always buzzing with activity even on this overcast day

Street Performer decked out for Fourth of July
Washington Square Park, NYC

Not only were the street performers dressed for the Fourth of July, so was the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building
In Fourth of July colors
taken from our room at the Ace Hotel

This building, spied on my evening walk along the High Line Park, reminded me of Frank Gehry's "rippling" skyscraper downtown at 8 Spruce Street.  Curved architecture is wonderful -- that is, until you try pegging your square-edged furniture into its round corners.

Interesting architecture
seen from the High Line Park walk, NYC

The next day, I was ecstatic to visit the MoMA again.  Re-visiting the permanent collection felt like a reunion with old friends -- full of recognition and affection.

Henri Matisse at the MoMA

Pablo Picasso at the MoMA
The MoMA's interior architecture

I discovered the Film Center at the basement of the MoMA and happily stumbled upon an exhibit on Kathryn Bigelow.  I had no idea she was an artist prior to becoming a renowned film maker!

Kathryn Bigelow exhibit at the MoMA

Famished, my cousin and I headed for Columbus Circle's Time Warner Center.

Columbus Circle at dusk
taken from the Time Warner Center, NYC

I normally don't eat much meat, but after the gruelling ballet class I'd been to, I let myself loose on pancetta and pork chops at A Voce!  No surprise, my eyes devoured more than my stomach and I hardly finished the entree.

Pancetta at A Voce
Time Warner Center,  NYC

My HUGE pork chop at A Voce
Time Warner Center,  NYC
I got through only 1/3 of it!

Beyond sated, I had an early night and skipped the band setting up at the Ace Hotel Lobby.  My companions were always out till the wee hours, but my physical schedule with ballet classes prohibited much late night carousing.

Band setting up at the Ace Hotel

The following day was my entire reason for coming to NYC:  my cousin's wedding in Long Island!  We ventured out by train for the manicured gardens of the The Swan Club.

My cousin, the blushing bride
clutching her train in between photos at
The Swan Club, Long Island
Gown: hand made in Asia

Since I wielded the camera, my only shots were family group shots.  I donned the same dress I had worn for another wedding a month ago, but decided to spruce it up with a much-loved necklace made of mother-of-pearl.

Necklace: mother-of-pearl bib
haggled from a vendor years ago in Asia!
Our table at The Swan Club
for the wedding

The wedding was full of joyous moments.   We continued to see Fourth of July fireworks from one of the Coves before taking the train back to Manhattan.  I was California-bound again the next day.

That's it for my lengthy travelogue of New York adventures.  If you're still here reading this,  thanks for sticking it out!!!

I'd love to see your summer adventures too.  :-)  Happy Summer!


All photos taken by The Foolish Aesthete except for the one with Misty Copeland.  That was pulled from Google Images.  If anyone knows whom to credit for that photo, please let me know.


  1. this an amazing photo you and your cousin are looking fantastic..and the moma photos are amazing..have to check those two films out..i have been lazing around and not watching enough awesome films.
    have a great day!:)

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a full weekend!

  3. wonderful pictures of your time in nyc. thanks for sharing them.

  4. Your photos made me want to be in NY now! I think ballet is the most beautiful and elegant dance :)

  5. What an amazing trip. I really love dancing and dancers. Misty looks stunning. And your cousins wedding perfect. Love both your and her dress. Xxxx

  6. Your cousin's wedding looks so elegant and perfect. I wish her all the happiness in the world. I too had a dance class today and the pictures of dinner have left me graving pancetta and prosciutto..

    The Pink Monocle

  7. I have so enjoyed reading about your NY adventures! Your pictures have made me so excited to get out there and see it for myself!

  8. OMG, the 1st picture is to die for!!!AMAZING,love it!

  9. Amazing pictures dear! Woe I would love to visit NYC once ;-) That first picture is insane

  10. wow love evertthing! especially the Ballet photo!


    I am a dancer! :) i have a bunch of dance pics on my blog! <3
    love your bloggg so much!

    love Sigrid



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