Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After all this beautiful weekend weather, we are being punished with a late season storm.  I'm huddling warmly and searching my archives rather than take my camera out in this chilly downpour.

This is from our ballet photo shoot last month.  My ballerina colleague struck this moving pose so quickly I could barely frame it.  However, this turned out to be one of my favorite shots.  Her curved lines in space are so beautiful!  She is our tallest dancer and long limbs are definitely a plus in ballet.

My friend, "R"
Photo: The Foolish Aesthete

You may notice that most of my ballerina friends are Japanese.  Not sure why, but there are certainly a lot of Japanese ballet dancers in this part of the Bay Area to Silicon Valley!  Perhaps the attention to artistry inherent in Japanese culture draws them to this art in motion.

Wishing all you Aesthetes sunnier skies wherever you are ...


  1. beautiful the contrast and love how the skirt looks.

  2. gorgeous image....there is just something so special about ballerinas xxx

  3. Very gracious! Love the contrast between silhouette and bleached white background

  4. This photo is spectacular.. I can feel the moment.. so priceless!
    lee x

  5. It is a great moment and a gift when in that everything falls into place so beautifully. Xxxx

  6. i love ballet, i wish i knew someone locally who was into it!

    thank you for the comment... i love all of tim walker's photoshoots, it is weird and mesmerizing how well they all seem to go together into a big fairy tale.

  7. this picture belongs on a gallery wall! fantastic!

  8. It;s a really beautiful pictures, like here lines and her face expression.. And I love ballet, so it's an extra plus ;)


  9. Such a beautiful picture, perfectly caught in action!

    T-Shirt and Tails

  10. this is indeed a really wonderful dance shot... quelle grace! :)


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