Friday, June 3, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete is buried in wood, stone, glass, and contractor choices.  Great fun, but can lead to strong disagreements with your spouse -- particularly when it comes to design vs quantifiable performance!  OK, Fashionistas, let's all admit that we have experienced some suffering for the sake of beauty in our lives. That's what makes us Foolish Aesthetes.

So, I'm on break to think about beautiful things that make me smile.  Weddings are coming up:  a nephew's in Denver next week, and two cousins' weddings in NYC this summer.  Nuptials draw me into the world of ivory dresses and Marc Chagall's floating brides.

Marc Chagall's bride & groom in Paris
Detail of my vintage ribbon dress

How can one not smile at Marc Chagall's paintings?  The colors are strange and fabulous, and everyone is airborne, from cows to Fiddlers on the Roof.  I even blend into the painting (Pop quiz: where am I?).

I found this vintage mini dress in San Francisco a few years ago.  The ribbons and appliques meandering around the dress had drawn ahhhs from the sales clerks.  Meanwhile,  I jealously guarded it from other prying fingers.   I didn't let go until it was home.

Marc Chagall's bride & groom in Paris
My vintage ribbon dress

What things make you smile?  I'd love to know!

P.S.  Lately, my project hasn't given me much computer blogging time, or even photography time.  My apologies if I am not able to visit your blogs as often or post updates.  Please bear with me!


  1. Wonderful dress to dream, to float, to fly like a bird in any occasion.
    Mil besos.

  2. that chagall is beautiful!one of the greatest modernists...and please post photos when you are in that dress attending all the weddings!would love to see them!

  3. Love the dress and Chagall is and always be amazing. Nice link with the bride and the weddings you have coming. Amazingly my Nephew gets married in 2 weeks. Enjoy the fun, there is nothing like a good wedding for lifting the spirits. So much love. Xxxx

  4. Thank you, dear friends!
    @Songbird, I'll see if I can take photos sometime when the sun is back out =) I might bring the dress with me for the trips but believe I am not allowed to wear white during the actual weddings.
    @Fashionistable: how wonderful that you have a family wedding coming up too! I wonder if you'll find some fashionable fodder at the gatherings?
    Love to you all xxx

  5. Oh Gosh, I'm in love with that dress! It is so 60ies! I'm sure it looks great on you...

    Btw, Marc Chagall was one of my favorite artists. I've loved the way he drew blue ponies, I was obsessed with his paintings because of this - I was five! :)

  6. I love Chagall and the saturated colours of his paintings. this dress is so delicately dreamy. What makes me smile in life are very old children books that I thrift ;)

  7. I think i am very jealous of your amazing vintage dress...lucky girl xxx

  8. I'm so happy to run into a lot of Chagall lovers!

    @Karin - that's what the sales clerks said too, I was lucky the dress fit and I could take it home :-) Thanks! xxx

  9. wow i just love that vintage dress! hmmm probably some of the shoes lined up on my piano ;)

  10. Love this!! :)

    Good music can put a big, big smile on my face! :D

  11. Thanks for sharing your recipes for smiles.

    @SoapyMermaid: I also love very old children's books. Trawling in second-hand bookshops makes me smile :-)
    @Jamie Lee - your piano full of shoes is so enviable! What do you do when you want to play it?

  12. The vintage lace dress is amazing!

    Heel in Mint

  13. @foolish aesthete but why?.in the hindu religion widows wear white,just like christian wear black..but now a days the rules are changing ..

  14. @Songbird, I know, the cultural rules are so confusing!!! In Christian weddings, particularly if the bride is traditional, the bride likes to be the only one in white (symbolic of purity). They can get pretty ticked off if the attention goes elsewhere! I attended a black tie wedding one time and had no choice but to wear a white gown (my only gown at the time). I don't think the bride was please :(

  15. I love this post! The painting and the dress look so good together! Waiting for the outfit post!


Dear Fellow Aesthetes, I love hearing your thoughts. I think the other readers find them valuable too! Much love xxx

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