Monday, April 25, 2011


Time for this Foolish Aesthete to get her bags packed for the wedding in LA.  I decided on my orchid cocktail dress --  the most "spring wedding guest"-looking in the closet.   (Actually, it was the one that fit at the moment.)

Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique dress
Piko 1988 bolero
Vera Wang Lavender platform heels

Remember my conundrum with shoes ...  My closet was a mess as I tried on 5 pairs of platform heels and wedges, one even in turquoise.  Know what?  I ended up with the Vera Wangs anyway!  The black wedges looked too heavy and clunky for the chiffon dress.  My ballet excuse is the obsession with "long lines".  Only the Vera Wangs were high enough to lend me some.  It's tough not being statuesque!

In case you are wondering what animal that is trailing after me, that is my "raccoon" bolero.  Great for air conditioning and easily thrown off when the Macarena group dance is called by the DJ.


  1. u look smashing~ niiiice shoes! Vera does no woman wrong. loves it~
    xo Diana

  2. I love the coloor! :) you look great! im your newest follower!


  3. Thank you, Ladies! And welcome to the new followers over the last week. It's great to come across others who believe in a life of art and beauty!

  4. You made a good choice with the shoes they look perfect with the dress. Xxxx

  5. WOW!!!! Love the choices you made. Quite stunning! The animal touch is great too!

  6. wauw !! amazing !!


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