Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It is a gorgeous California day today.  Finally let my toes peep out and got a French pedicure.  This Foolish Aesthete had to reach for open sandals so as not to smudge them.  I also got the chance to loll a bit on a bench outside.

BCBG denim wedges

BCBG denim wedges
rope accent

You can see the flowers are a-bloom here.  I'm just hanging out under a tree by the California Cafe for a deep breath before going back to the craziness of life.


  1. twas a nice day today indeed :)
    reminds me...must get a pedi~~~
    xo Diana

  2. Nice wedges!... and nice bag too! Nothing like taking a deep breath every now and then!

  3. Thanks! Glad you liked them :-)

    Di - I think we CA-nians get pedicure season earlier than the rest, except perhaps Florida. Are you in Southern Cal?

  4. I love the shoes ! great choice! BCBG Max Azria have amazing items!


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