Friday, April 8, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete is having fun.

It was so chilly today, I had to throw a coat on over my pajamas to take some pictures.  I also decided to risk life and limb -- ok, just limbs -- to get the shot.  How perilous do you think this is?

Flying in my Vera Wang Lavender lace tie platforms

This post is really about shoes.  I have a wedding to attend this month -- no, not Kate and William's.  I'm heading to a cousin's in LA.  I'm in a Platform quandary.  Invitation says "Formal", but my auntie kindly said that we "younger set can wear cocktail dresses."  How thrilled do you think I was to be included among the "younger" ones!  Besides, cocktail dress means shoes are VISIBLE!

The Vera Wangs are more glamorous, and Nude is always about leg-lengthening style, imperative for the vertically-challenged like me.  But these Coconut wedges can be fun too, especially with the fringe swaying like a Roaring '20s skirt.

Fringed Coconut platforms

Hmmm ... maybe I'll jump in the pool and think on it.


  1. Vera Wang. =) Do post pictures of your wedding outfit!

  2. Great, one vote for the Vera Wangs! =) I'll work on posting the wedding outfit when it's warm enough ...

  3. I'm thinking it sorta depends on the color of your dress~~b/c the red does looks mighty fine with the black, but if you're going to do a yellow, green or pastel then the Vera's babyyy~
    xo Diana

  4. those vera wang platforms are gorgeous

  5. both pairs are beautiful, but i like the second ones better to wear to the wedding :)

  6. Thank you, Ladies. I'm not positive on the dress yet but I might wear a purple strapless. Stay tuned ... =)

  7. Great shoes!

  8. Cool photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now.


  9. Thanks, Hivenn, Cinderella and Nicolette!


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