Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Foolish Aesthete was looking up.  I've been enjoying museums in San Francisco this Spring Break.  The Museum buildings are as admirable as the exhibits.

Cross braces on the roof
Structural support as well as adding a diagonal design element

Lattice pattern on shear wall
Purely a result of sunlight and shadow from the roof

I'll be posting more fashion-related photos next.  I'm finally planning to see the "Balenciaga and Spain" exhibit at the De Young Museum, and the Isabelle de Borchgrave "Pulp Fashion" at the Legion of Honor".


  1. Thanks, I'm really loving modern architecture these days though I've always loved ancient and old European architecture too.

  2. I'm loving every pixel of these pictures!!!

    Are we following each other?? I would like to have more blogger friends! i always follow back!

    KISSES from CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE && follow me on CLICK HERE'♥♥♥

  3. Thanks, Nico! Enjoyed your postings =)

  4. From which building did you take the pics - cross braces + lattice pattern - ?

  5. Dear Anonymous, that is the (relatively new) Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park. Really interesting structures.


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