Monday, October 10, 2011


I landed so early from the red eye into NYC that my room at The Royalton wasn't ready yet.  So, off I wandered around Bryant Park, by the New York Public Library, taking morning photographs.  Shopping was not on my itinerary -- but there it was.  Zara.  Within my first 30 minutes in Manhattan, I did what I had vowed not to do.  Jet lag had obviously clouded my judgement.

Fringed Zara dress
My orange, rabbit fur scarf from Vail
(shot back in California)

I actually don't shop often, and generally prefer to treasure hunt in small boutiques.  But once or twice a year, usually when I am traveling, I allow myself a guilty peek at Zara or Mango or H&M.

Fringe runs from shoulder to hem
Zara dress

I guess this dress spoke to me.  If the fringe -- running from the shoulder down to the hem -- weren't enough, the psychedelic, electrocardiogram (ECG) stripes on the dress were sure to make my heart race!  (Years ago, my paternal grandmother gave me her turtleneck from the '60s with a very similar pattern.  I wish I could find it now.  I didn't know I was already dressing "vintage" back then as a teenager.)  Anyway, this energizing dress was exactly what I needed for a non-stop day in NYC.  That, and a double espresso.  I'd had only 3 hours' sleep and no breakfast yet.

Morning silhouettes, from Bryant Park
Chrysler Building in the background

The ECG dress took me from shooting in Bryant Park to meeting up with kin at the 9/11 Memorial downtown.  It got me back to midtown, through Times Square -- where I surprisingly encountered The Naked Cowboy --

The Naked Cowboy,
sharing his backside for tourist cameras in Times Square
I preferred this angle!

before heading down to the Village for dinner.  All grimy by now, I changed into a black dress (after testing the The Royalton's circular tub and spa bubbles!) because the night wasn't over.  It was off with my cousin to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for some contemporary dance.  I was so charmed by the crumbling, arsty interior of BAM's Harvey Theater, I couldn't resist quick snaps before the show began.  The theater is small and intimate.  You are practically onstage with the performers.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Harvey Theater's beautifully crumbling interior

There, it was a joy to see the Belgian Compagnie Thor.  The company's emphasis on dancers from various backgrounds -- classical, contemporary, even capoiera -- distilled movement to their common denominator: Love of Dance.  It was such infectious dynamism, I wanted to join in!  Pumped up after the program (set to Bach's music), I was practically doing upper body isolations on the subway back to Union Square. Sometimes, you need to get ballerinas out of tutu mode!  My evening ended with some really good (decaf) espresso with my cousin, before we headed back, in a downpour, to our hotels.

Do you find that certain outfits give you a buzz or calm you down?


P.S.  I was playing around with Blogger's new "Dynamic Views" but realized they were too confusing for readers (after a few comments from good blog friends!).  It also lost some of my settings in the side bar.  So, I have put it back now as best as possible.  Sorry for the inconvenience re: navigating the blog.


  1. i love the zara dress..i got confused with the new format..but i figured it out soon enough!

  2. I also got confused with the new mosaic format as I couldn't quite figure out which was the newest post until I fidgeted around a bit and realised (mainly through memory of your last posts - see? aren't I devoted? haha) that it was going across the screen. It definitely looks more artsy (which relates very well with you ;)) but I did find it confusing.

    Back to your post though - lovely dress - quite Missoni. I am awaiting and outfit post to do it justice though ;)

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    rocky road trippin'

  3. the dress is beautiful and the NY images love them!!!

  4. Love the dress! How was the hotel? Everyone tells me it is really nice.. Hmm I miss NYC already after looking at these pictures!

    Peace! ~Angel

  5. stunning dress! and oh what beautiful pictures you have...


  6. what original pics the first ones!!! its a good idea to put the cloths on a mannequin!! :)

    Rachel, xx :)

  7. *Gasp*

    That crumbling interior has caught my imagination. Thank you for another brilliant post x

  8. wow that zara dress is so beautiful! just such a pretty shape!!


  9. I love that architecture and the way it is shedding in layers, so beautiful. The dress is very unique I've never seen it in Zara before!

  10. Amazing dress and lovely pictures!!!

  11. I love fringing and the colours are wonderful. HaHa the naked Cowboy he is amazing isnt he? What a concept. I like the look of your site. It is wider than mine in the white bit I want some of that happening too. Xxxx

  12. That dress and scarf and to die for, by the way ;)

  13. thanks for the comment... really loved your blog and that dress oh i sooo like!!! following you always..


  14. Zara is DANGEROUS - I always end up buying things in there. Loving the dress, I don't think they've got the dynamic pattern in London - and yes, dressing doesn't only depend on my emotions it also supports them (one way or the other).

    Also not a great fan of the new dynamic blogger options. A blog is a blog is a blog - and should therefore stay chronological, I find. X

  15. Oh, I love New York...and printed shirts (just wearing one)... Thanks for this lovely post.



  16. Ah! That ensemble looks super, super cute! Loving the furry scarf

    -Laura xx

  17. I love cowboys and naked ones more ;P
    That dude is so awesome.

  18. Haha, as Sabine said, Zara really is dangerous. I just realised that I haven't stepped foot inside one for months and months (they're everywhere in London) for that very reason. The place does something to your brain, you can't leave empty handed. It's like the have some kind of device that scans your memory - in your case, your maternal grandmother's dress - and even if you can't find the actual dress any more, they just kind of materialise the dress right in front of you.

    I read somewhere when they first appeared in London: the Vogue editors were wondering how their little assistants were able to wear Chanel and other designers on their pathetic little assistant salaries. Turns out they weren't: Zara had opened round the corner from Vogue House.

    Oh shit, husband is getting off the phone - must run, I'm burning dinner. Just took this stolen moment to go back in time to your previous post. I am loving your take on my old city, NY: it's making me wish I was there. Even tho - I"m guessing you're back where I really want to be? i.e. California??

  19. p.s. I typed so fast, so frantically, that i forgot to say that I do love the dress - it's so Missoni! - and even if it was the Red Eye talking, still. Worth it. xx

  20. Totally agree! Love Elsa Hosk, Love Free People! :)



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