Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's that time of year when witches and ghouls -- or Moulin Rouge Goths -- emerge from the bushes.  Trick or Treat.

It all began with my black, feather neck corset.  Tips in iridescent green seemed decidedly wicked.  Tulle seemed a deceptive accomplice.  It was all evolving into some Toulouse-Lautrec vision of Paris, with strains of Saint-Saën's Danse Macabre in the background.

Hmm ... Corsets.  Paris. Macabre.

...  I must really have been thinking of Jean Paul Gaultier!

Well, here's a Halloween Treat for you.  These are long overdue pictures from the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.  (His Moulin Rouge outfit was actually on a revolving catwalk, but I couldn't get a good moving shot in the dark.)

Happy Halloween!  What's your inspiration this year?


PS Apologies if you have been seeing various template designs on this page.  Just trying to clean up the side bar!


  1. Amazing photos. Happy Halloween! This year, I'm dressing up as that style blogger Odyssey. ;)

    1. Ha ha, I love that! Brings new meaning to "come as you are." That was so much like the Halloween night we got married in many years ago. The party goers around NYC thought we were dressed up as Bride & Groom. I suppose it was a kind of costumed role for that evening!

  2. Jen, I love you outfit. Gorgeous! Did you see that I tried to be Anna Wintour in my Halloween party? But, I kept forgetting not to smile.

    1. Missy, I loved your severe Wintour bob! And I believe I also saw Karl Lagerfeld at your party?

  3. A Halloween treat indeed to get a glimpse of you loitering elegantly in the bushes, as well as the exquisite creations of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.

  4. Love the shy shot of you hiding amongst the leaves. Wonderful JPG images he has such a wonderful sense of the theatrical. Xxxx

  5. I loved looking through the pictures with your chosen music selection playing in the background. Brava! Interactive pictures and text and now music. A real treat! Sadly, I somewhat failed Hallowe'en this year. I stuck a wig on my head and a pair of 60s era gloves on my hands and called it a costume. Next year my baby should be old enough to somewhat realize what's going on...That's the Hallowe'en I'm looking forward to!

    And I loved the peek at your own costume. It looked gorgeous. Very Gaultier :).


  6. Thanks for sharing these pictures! It looks amazing! I'd loved to see this in person :)

  7. Very interesting man, Jean Paul Gaultier. I used to like him years ago on Eurotrash with Antoine le Caunes - I am sure they both put on their French accents like anything! I once aw a fantastic exhibition on fashion shows at the Paris fashion museum,. and his shows were always the most imaginative and original. A true one off.


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