Saturday, December 8, 2012


Ask George Bailey.  Life doesn't always go according to plan.  In his case, nothing ever did, and he was tired of it.  It took Clarence, his Guardian Angel, Second Class, to open his eyes.  As Clarence explained,

"Strange, isn't it?  Each man's life touches so many other lives.  When he isn't around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

(For those not up on Americana, this is all in reference to Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life," a sentimental, classic Christmas film.  Clarence saves George, earns his wings and gets promoted to Angel First Class. Of course, the screenplay is plumped up with scenes of compassion versus self-interest.)

A wabi sabi ceramic dish made by my Japanese friend
cradling Christmas ornaments on this grey December day.
Tomorrow it might be serving up something else.

I am reminded of my previous post, which touched on the wabi sabi concept of the Japanese.  There is much beauty in imperfection, in the little accidents of life -- even the passage of time.  We just need to see.  And that chance post on wabi sabi and impromptu gatherings drew lovely comments - on and off blog - from you friends in, shall I call it, the eCloud.  That must make you all a bunch of eAngels? (When I hear the bells, I'll know you've earned your wings.)

Ending scene from Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life"

Here's to the Christmas season, and to how we touch each other in our little virtual world, even though many of us have never met in the real one.

Nature's Timekeeper: the California holly or "Christmas berry"
They're all around the house, neighborhood, town, mountains ...
as if wishing the Bay Area a happy Christmas!
This is what I see from my window every day.
It was much fuller until the deer dined on it.

Now I wonder, what is the real world anyway? ...  Ah, I've been watching too many existentialist films, like "The Truman Show," recently.  Excellent film, by the way.  But that's another post.


  1. Oh I LOVE that film, the best christmas inspiration ever.

  2. A slightly philosophical post, Jenny. I hope that whatever you were anticipating with pleasure, will happen at some time in the future, even if it doesn't happen right now. Or did I misunderstand? Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas. It's so nice to think that people all over the world are joining together in this season.

    1. Thank you, All.

      Jenny, this seems to be a philosophical year for me. There's a scene in "The Truman Show" where he finally looks around - at things he sees everyday -- but observes them for what they truly are, not the fiction he had believed since birth. (Philip Glass's score brings this clarity into full focus too.) It's been like that over the past few months. Perhaps this is just "growing up"? I think everyone goes through this and it simply occurs at different times for each individual. For some, not until very late in life! It's not all bad. While there may be a sense of disillusionment, there's something so bittersweetly human about discovering the frailties in ourselves and in others. I actually have a deeper appreciation for the characters in Dostoevsky and Dickens novels now. - J xxx

  3. What a beautiful post - I'll have to read the Wabi Sabi post...

    And what a gorgeous piece of pottery. I love that wabi sabi juxtaposition of beautiful with imperfect... embracing the imperfections are key to getting through the day!

  4. i can understand all that you are's a beautiful post.

  5. After reading this I'm determined that this will be the Christmas that I finally watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' as I still haven't seen it. And now I'm going to have to re-watch the Truman show too. I was so struck by it a few years ago, but it's definitely time to view it again.
    I so agree: there is SO much beauty in imperfection. Glad to hear you are extending your festive cheer to the deer munching your Christmas berries outside!

  6. PS I've just realised that yesterday I wrote in my own post "beauty resides in flaws and imperfection" - before reading your post today. There must be something in the air...

  7. In the process of embracing wabi sabi, as acceptance of this inperfect world.

  8. Wabi-sabi is important in my work as an artist, and this spills over into other areas of living.
    Lovely inspiration, this post.

  9. Hello!

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  10. What a beautiful post!!!

    I always find myself in a state of limbo on those days going into the new year. The busy-ness of it all excites me but also makes me think of what's really important. Yesterday, I spent a better part of the day browsing through the galleries in my hood. The art was interesting everywhere but what made the day even better were the different people I was with at various times of the day. Some, I met for the first time and, most likely, never again. The ones who are the most open and accepting are the most beautiful people in the world.

    Happy holidays!

  11. The eCloud?? I love that! Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in imperfections (aka the beauty in life having its own way and not going according 'to plan'). The end of the year is always a good time for meditating on this, and letting go of accumulated wishes and hopes. Plus, what is reality anyway? Makes me wonder every day... xoxo

  12. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, Jenny, they are always fun. I hope your parties have all been wonderful and the same goes for your Christmas Day!

  13. I've been feeling a bit existentialist lately but saying that, I think I've always felt that way. Always wondering about the meaning of life and questioning everything. When I will learn that life is to enjoy not understand. Happy New Year Jenny! Wish you all the best! x

  14. Happy New Year Sweetheart. Hope you had a truly wonderful festive period and that you are well. I like the 2 movies you mention in your post today but love, love, love the 1st one it is indeed a wonderful life. Xxxx

  15. I love how we "eAngels" inspire each other at times. I've thought about this especially at the end of the year recently. I think my life has been mostly about the second plan, I've always have a vision carefully planned, but then an imperfect one, often much better one comes along. It's a Wonderful Life, yes, what a classic film. I hope your new year is bright and joyful! xo/ Madison

  16. Happy 2013 Jenny!
    I hope you had a lovely holiday. May you continue to inspired creatively for the New Year.

    Thank you for reading my blog, giving me support and encouragement.

  17. Hope all is well with you sunshine. Thank you for your lovely comments. Hope to see nwe posts from you here soon. Love Xxxx


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