Tuesday, July 17, 2012


These have got to be my favorite summertime platforms to teeter in.

Sandals: Joe's (maker of Joe's Jeans)

OK, 5-inches may speak "Napoleon Complex".  Totally overcompensating.  But what I think they're really saying, with wood, leather, hemp -- and strips of aqua like exclamation points -- is "Summer"!

These really are too perilous for the pool deck (understand why I'm not in the picture?).  But I find I can gingerly manage dinner or a movie.  The rest of the time, I'm more down to earth.  Five inches down to be exact, in flip flops.

Here I am right before I headed to the public library yesterday to borrow some DVDs (yes, still old-fashioned here).  Notice the sliding doors behind me?  We had initially intended to build a deck out there.  Then, we realized no balcony should obstruct our hillside vista.  I mean, Romeo and Juliet could still have wooed through a window had the view of Verona dictated it, right?

Sandals: Joe's
Dress: Sugarlips
T-shirt: Michael Stars

So, we are left with a giant picture window instead, and a cliff beyond.  For safety, we were required to bolt the door and (essentially) throw away the key.  We're quite pleased with the outcome.  The only thing I miss is being able to sweep straight outdoors or shake off a rug like some medieval housekeeper.

The sandals wanted to enjoy the view from the deck.

Meanwhile, we finally finished the pool deck which overlooks the hills and some vineyards too.  (We did get our deck after all.)  See the dry, south-facing hills there?  We are fortunate to be in the verdant, north-facing side of the mountains.  Yet I love seeing the contrast across of parched land surrounded by lush countryside.  That's Northern California for you.

How is everyone's summer holiday going so far?  I hope everyone is enjoying life on the slower lane, if only for a month or two.


  1. love them!! as you wrote they are so summer-y :) btw i adore the huge window, good choice!!

  2. Those shoes are fantastic. And based on what little we can see, your house looks gorgeous!

    Step into Estherina's World

  3. I love the shoes. I love tall shoes too, but I'm 5'9" so I try to keep it around 4" max, or I tower over the populace more like Godzilla menacing than a "lady" walking.

    Well, such a lovely view you have! And a dream home. We have a few more years of apartment-living, so it's nice to live vicariously through these pictures.

    I just got my library card here in Brooklyn this past weekend. It was a great feeling. I'm excited to rent DVDs too :) xoxo

  4. Omg those shoes!! You have taken gorgeous photos of them too, lovely post!

  5. Total 'looking good and standing around' shoes... but oh, they're gorgeous!
    Nothing must inhibit THIS view. It's breathtaking! xoxo

  6. oh Wow! Is that your view??? I'm in awe! (and drooling over those shoes too - love the aqua stripe down the heel)

  7. Wonderful shoes. I like the way they echo the colour of the pool - but then I expect you did too, and that's why you photographed them this way.

    An impressive view from your huge window. I would probably be spending too much time there watching birds flying around and the like. There's always something to see in a big view. For that reason I'd also be tempted to sit there with binoculars, which I suppose doesn't matter unless one happens to overlook anyone else's property :)

    One good thing about the almost incessant rain there has been is the extraordinary greenness of the grass and leaves. Normally by July things are starting to look a bit frayed and tired, but it's still like May. This morning in Regent's Park the sun broke brightly through the clouds and the green was almost too much to bear.

    I guess it makes up for not having to cool down in the pool :)

  8. What an amazing view you have over there... Very jealous!

  9. they are gorgeous..and the windows were a right decision!i have always wanted windows like that...what a wonderful way to see the dawn and twilight hours!

  10. Hello! I just came across your blog! I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :)
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  11. Our summer has only just started here, we have had 3 days so far. But it looks like it will rain again Friday, just in time for the Olympic opening ceremony.....
    Those shoes are beautiful. Nice to have even if just for short walks. They make a lovely addition for dressing up. Your views are very special. Well worth the wait. Thank you from giving us a peek. Xxxx

  12. They are amazing!! :D



  13. you have a BEAUTIFUL view in that window!!! is perfect wake up in the morning and see that

  14. Those are some stunner heels, worth every inch of wobbliness I bet. And your house looks picture perfect, I can't help but envy your view whilst staring at the bland, cloud-covered city scape in mine♥

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  16. Wow, I can see why you love these shoes so much, they're so artful. Gorgeous photos!

  17. Gosh; I'm crushing over the shoes <3

    Great blog; FOLLOWED

    Lots of love; Pauline

  18. I love the shoes ! This is the first time I am visiting here and I love your fantastic sense of photography.
    have a nice day dear,

  19. omg, I want those. Fabulous post! If you get a second, I'd love if you'd check out my latest guest post for LaurenConrad.com. Thanks, love. xo


  20. Oh, J, such a delight to take a minute in the slow lane and live vicariously through you! (I love your shoes btw, with their aqua exclamation points! And yes, I'm normally a flip flop girl - I occasionally buy shoes with great heels, and they end up as art: my favourite pair are currently balanced precariously on top of a canvas my husband made when he was in his conceptual art phase - in the living room, over the couch. One of these days I expect a shoe to fall on my head).

    I'm more interested in your home than clothes - I was actually at the Olympic Park yesterday, shooting people, and I started channeling your house and wishing to see more photos - so I'm glad you've posted it. I love the genesis of why something is where it is - or isn't, in the case of your deck.

    Would love to do a house swap someday!! Meanwhile, summer's going well.. hasn't truly started, I don't think, til we fly to the beach house next tuesday - but being in London during the Olympics is surprisingly the most wonderful experience. I really didn't expect to feel this way. Off to see it again - even tho I don't have tickets to any events, (still trying each night) it's still lovely to be around the buzz.

  21. Beautiful view! And I like how you photographed the shoes poolside.

  22. i have a number of pairs of shoes that are perfect for sitting or standing in, but not for attempting anything more than an inelegant stumble. These shoes of yours are perfect in their pool-deck perilous-ness. I'm not surprised they wanted to see the view from the deck either - what a beautiful vista to wake up to every day.


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