Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It must be Summer.  The signs are everywhere:

I'm back to tangerine-and-turquoise pairings.

I feel the sunshine waking the Boardwalk up.

I hear the barefoot holler: no more school!

I spy boys and boogie boards, back and forth, sun up to sun down.

I taste the salt air as colors dance on the sand.

It is definitely Summer over here.

Here's wishing you wind in your hair this Summer!

All beach photos taken in Santa Cruz, a traditional kick-off for Summer in this part of California.

I have a lot of summer activities over the next 3 weeks.  Hope to have wonderful photos to share from time to time.


  1. Ahh, the delicious fruity colours of Summer;-)

  2. Wonderful pictures and post. Summer is currently a bit undecided over here, but it's sunny, so I'm fine. I'm moving and starting my new job during the next 3 weeks, so my mind is there.

    Enjoy your summer start.

  3. the photos are amazing..i so wish i had grown up there..the summers here are humid and intolerable..sometimes there's some respite in the evenings..sometimes there are norwesters..but still the days are so hot..hope you have a great summer!

  4. It is summer here too, but lke the birds we will soon emigrate to cooler parts of Europe: Scotland.
    Brilliant pics, dear friend

  5. Ahh, yes the gorgeous colour and mood of summer, I love this feeling! Stunning images. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping we can go gliding after this wedding weekend is over. xxoo

  6. Yay to summer, and I absolutely adore your shoes! Are they a fabulous vintage find or is it possible to buy them somewhere? xoxo

  7. Sabine, and anyone else interested: these favorite summer flip flops are made by Mystique, an LA-based company that does beautiful, jeweled flip flops and sandals. You can order them online, and they are available in many boutique stores. :)

  8. WOW !! What beautiful pics ...Great summers ahead :)

    Check out my latest post...

  9. Lovely photos! Full of summer, such a shame here feels like winter still! :S

  10. Those photos are incredible! They capture so much motion and flavor of the Boardwalk. And PS: you are incredible. Loving the tangers and tourquoise combo.

  11. I feel as though I have just inhaled vibrant colours from your photos! And it's a much-needed boost to my senses as over here, June has been hijacked and replaced with something resembling October, with the addition of almost horizontal rain.
    So yes, I'm just breathing in summer from your photos and trying to plumb the depths of my memories of being aged three and visiting the beach and rollercoaster at Santa Cruz.

  12. i love all these images of summer!

  13. awesome, looks very unique the place

  14. welcome summer
    have a nice and stylish week darling
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  15. Love these images!

    Bad Joan

  16. I feel happy just looking at these pictures!

  17. What amazing photos with all those candy colours of the fairground! I love your sandals - coral and turquoise just belong together as a colour combination.

  18. These pictures are so neat!! I am really impressed: And i love those sandals!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  19. oh the colours! it does feel like a big splash of summer; and i absolutely love those pretty toes + sandals :)

  20. These photos are wonderful a true vision of summer!

  21. The colours are so vibrant in this series! Love the first one - coloured toes and sandals!

  22. Those colors are amazing! Great photos! Love them :)


  23. Splendid colors, lovely pedicure.
    Wish I could appreciate summer more. Alas, 25 years in hot climates has made me ambivalent. ;)

  24. Jenny! That should be a book! It just lightened my heart. Lovely photos and perfect captions.

    Much love,

  25. Love the colors! great photos!


  26. Love these shots and the vividness of the colours and the sunshine and the light. Oh I really, really need some of this. Enjoy all your up coming summer activities. Xxxx

  27. Ah, I wish I could dive into my computer screen and find myself in the scenes you have pictured at Santa Cruz! It all looks so light and bright and fun and I specially love the pic of the two boys with their boards. Wonderful. Oh, summer!

    (My love of summer is a bit theoretical this year, you uunderstand. We did get one and a half sunny days last week, and there was no rain on Monday, whoo hoo.)

    I am so very tempted to take off to somewhere sunny and warm but I want to spend my own holiday time cycling, and that's uncomfortable if it's TOO hot. My next two work trips are to Northern England and Switzerland, neither of which is famed for good weather. So I'm sticking with praying to the sun god for now.

    But I'll revisit your wonderful photos.

  28. Ah, yes, THIS is summer! Not this October farce - as Roz put so well - that's going on here in England. I love these shots - feel all warm and happy just looking at this. Which is exactly what our blogs are for. Unbelievable, Jenny, just as I wrote this, the sun burst thru: the big pink hydrangeas outside our bedroom windowbox, which I've been trying to turn blue using vinegar and it must be the wrong vinegar because they are now FUSCHIA - deep, bright, neon pink - against the yellow wall of our neighbours' house - it's feeling very California.

    That shot of your feet is perfect. I am so into turquoise and orange pairings now, too. That's what I wore to dinner with friends the night before last. Spanish colours. I'm trying to WILL summer to come to London.

    Okay I am now so late for yoga!! xo

  29. Loved those shoes! It's nice collection for summer.


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