Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Miss Twinkletoes gazed wistfully at the trees and imagined a different existence.

"Oh, to spend my days in quiet contemplation," she sighed,

Miss Twinkletoes
aka Grishko "2007" pointe shoes
crafted by cobblers in Russia

"or to leap into Degas' world," her eyes growing wider.  In fact, she thought, any artist's world would do.

"Or even once, to tiptoe through the tulips."

Bah, foolish dreams.  Or were they?

For in truth, she was slave to an Evil Black Swan who kept close watch through the mirror.  But while outwardly bending to the Black Swan's will, she felt, her thoughts and ideas would, someday, be the key to her release.

Snapped right before dashing off to rehearsals.
By the way, it is impossible to dance
while taking a picture of yourself!


Alright, it's the silliest plot.

You can probably tell it's that time of year again, when my days are a flurry of ballet training and rehearsals.  The initial pointe shoe photos were taken when the satin slippers were pristine and straight out of the box from Russia.  They've been sewn up, literally bashed in, and molded to my feet by the last photo.  The slippers will break down further after a few intense uses, at which point they will, as dancers declare, be "dead".

Alas, the life of a pretty pointe shoe is brief.  On the bright side for Miss Twinkletoes, she is being saved for the final performance -- in particular, for the piece "Dying Swan".


  1. Bravo!

    I just love your posts, Black Swan. That last shot is pretty unbelievably amazing: a really great composition, and you've managed to focus right on the shoes. Not being a professional dancer, I hadn't heard that phrase - that the shoes 'die' - but I love the idea of them, like butterflies or other fleetingly beautiful beings, having a brief - but wonderful - life.

    And it's great getting these glimpses into your gorgeous home.

    Good luck with rehearsals and training. xox

  2. Oh, to be a dancer! You look so wonderful in your black tu-tu... black or white swan, wishing you a great start to the dancing season! xoxo

  3. This is such a nice post!! I think that you have been able to transfer your love for ballet in a very nice way!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. i so wish i can see you perform...and thanks for pointing out that bloglovin was acting up again..i couldn't tell you so yesterday because i had to dash off to my exam..

    1. Debbie, my post also showed up a day late. I'm beginning to think it's not the best reader interface given how unreliable it is :(

  5. i've never really known anyone who practice ballet, it seems so elegant

  6. There is nothing more beautiful than a ballerina! Love the photos :)

  7. Ballet is so beautiful ! is really great that you dance it

  8. Amazing they last such a short time. I never new. It is good to see a glimpse of the Black Swan. Saw a Louboutin exhibition at the design museum here yesterday and thought of you when I saw these

  9. Wild arent they. Do you think you could walk in those? I have only ever tried a pair of his regular shoes on once and couldn't even stand up in them. Xxxx

  10. i agree about the movie.i didn't get why people were so bothered about the appearance of these actors.they did a good job.i had initially thought i am not into reading dystopian novels so i will just catch the movie.i went out of the hall and immediately got the whole series.braids ingeneral remind me of katniss now..i have tried the 3rd one..the others are not working with my thin hair keeps slipping out.

  11. Love your Black Swan outfit! =)

  12. you did ballet?! that's very cool. i respect the hard work any dancer does. and you've been tagged! i wanna get to know more about you, so visit my blog and click on the latest post in my sidebar :)

  13. Are you playing the black swan? Wow I'd love to see that! Love this ode to your pointe shoes!

  14. i always love to see the ballet! Amazing that you're doing that!

  15. the pointe shoes *.*


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