Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I heard a Wild Flower singing a song.

                             -- William Blake, "The Wild Flower Song"

Could this be what William Blake was referring to?

I caught this flower mid-"flight" while I was cleaning up the back yard
No wonder it's called Bird of Paradise

Who knows if I'll be able to catch audible melodies from these petals, but distant peals of wedding bells -- for my cousin in San Antonio, Texas -- have certainly reached my ears.

So off I fly for what will no doubt be another raucous family reunion on my mother's side: the verbose side.  My husband marvels at how my extended family can carry on several cackling conversations,  one on top of the other, keeping all the threads straight somehow as we criss-cross, drop and pick up discussions.  Without exaggeration, it's an absolute cacophony.  (He generally retires into a quiet corner!)

I'll see you all when I get back next week!


  1. Have fun! There's something very nice about big family get togethers and catching up... Even if the catching up is done in several simultaneous conversations!

  2. Lovely description of the birdsong of your family! Enjoy the wedding.

  3. that's a beautiful photo..your family sounds awesome.have a great time with them!

  4. Enjoy your family Jenny! Have a fab time :)

  5. Ah, I love family reunions - especially as mine is very verbose (that's a new word for me!), too. Enjoy! xo

  6. oh i totally love the idea of singing flowers!

  7. Wonderful words to match your flower. have a great time, my fabulous Jenny

  8. It is a good thing to express oneself ;) this bird-flower is a strange miracle of nature! i have never seen anything like that before!

  9. haha! Enjoy your time, That's totally my bf when we go visit family. Hope there's tons of happiness and sunshine for you. xx

  10. Not only does this extraordinary flower appear to be mid-flight, it also seems to be mid-call, or mid note. Your family get-togethers sound wonderfully animated and effervescent in word and thought.

  11. Ah! Loved this. I just saw my first bird of paradise flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago. I can't believe you have those in your backyard-- they're a mix of incredible beauty and a kind of humor. Whoever named them was both apt and humorous anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on my blog. I love that kind of thing. That's why I started a blog.

    That's funny: we have something in common. The dynamic is the same between me and my fiance. My family is raucous, hilarious, argumentative and incredibly loud, while his family are sweet and supportive and equally great but in a much quieter way... I wonder if that's common for types like that to be attracted to each other and I wonder what kind of families of our own we'll make with that mix? Have a great trip!

  12. Beautiful image. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. Xxxx

  13. Have fun at your reunion!

    Bad Joan

  14. Lovely photo


  15. Hi Jenny,
    How are you? It's been while, sounds like things are going well with you and your new home. I just read some of your other posts. I like especially the photos of your home and this bird of paradise shot is beautiful, also the words too.

    Enjoy the wedding and have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Beautiful Bird of Paradise: a perfect photo, bird in flight.

    Well you're already back, but yet another thing we have in common: my husband loves my family's verbosity. (Is that a word???) I just wish we had more extended family.. we do, but we don't see them nearly enough. I'm about to meet a second cousin's daughter and husband - they're coming to London in a few weeks. I can't wait: she and I have been carrying on even more verbose email exchanges than you and I have done, at times!

    Okay, I'll shut up now. This is why I've stopped going anywhere near twitter. Brevity is so not my strong point. xo


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