Thursday, February 9, 2012


Ah, life's simple joys.

Who would have thought that a routine trip to the office supply store would yield exotic skins from Africa?  All I had intended was to rein in my scattered projects into some semblance of order.  Shopping list: binder or accordion organizer.  Well, what do you know!  Office supplies have evolved further than I thought, reaching as far as Africa and Down Under for design inspiration.  I saw folders and binders galore in faux ostrich and faux crocodile.  So much for the humble manila folder.

Faux ostrich accordion portfolio on African print throw pillows

So I am now pleased as an ostrich with its head in the sand -- clutching my accordion portfolio, whipping papers out confidently from their designated compartments.


The next few weeks are rather frenetic for me, not only due to these projects I am trying to stay on top of during the day (you saw the construction job from my last post).  My evenings will also be filled with the first few programs of San Francisco Ballet's spring season this week.  I am so looking forward to all the new works and world premieres!  On the heels of these dancing feet will be our annual ski trip to the Rockies next Friday.  I won't be back until the end of February.

So please bear with me if I am slow to reply to your comments.  I will be bringing only my iPad with me so will not be posting until I get back.  Thank you for your patience, and all your lovely comments!


  1. Skiing in the Rockies?! Oh that sounds exhilarating. Hope you have a wonderful time. I came back over here to try again to leave a comment on the post below as my computer has been doing odd things with comment boxes (they sometimes appear briefly when clicking on to 'comment', then disappear again...) I loved the element of theatre meets installation with the doors. The possibilities for entrances and exits are endless! And the Pina film looks utterly extraordinary.

  2. Interesting and very stylish. Personally I would have gone for a multicolored folder. I'm all for color these days.
    Anyway, I wish you a grand ski trip with lots of snow, fun and romantic evenings. Enjoy. Oh and success with your projects naturally.

  3. That is a fabulous accordion folder. I could live with it, definitely.

    Enjoy your trip ! sounds like you have a generally very nice February coming up.

  4. Ohhh anything African is close to my heart (I a south African, or "afrikaaner") so I think your new purchase is fabulous. I hope you are well and I hope you have a lovely trip xxx

  5. That clutch is so gorgeous, I've been obsessed with anything ostrich (faux or not) lately!

    xo Gillie

  6. I adore the clutch, it looks perfect <3

  7. Now how amazing is it that this is the new fashionable face of office supplies.
    Feeling your busyness already. From Friday it will be the same for me until after the 5th March. Oh the things we will see in the upcoming weeks. Looking forward to seeing how they go for you. Xxxx

  8. love the clutch!i so wish i could see the ballet performances!

  9. What a catch! I have the habit of falling in love with bags which turn out to be for ipads - which I don't own. Enjoy the ballet ski season... Sounds like the perfect combo to me! xo

  10. That is a serious step up from a manila folder. Very lucky find. I love those kinds of trips. I think it's brilliant that someone is having enough vision to take office supplies out of a boring place and into one that combines functionality with a beautiful set of aesthetics.

  11. I LOVE the ostrich folder. The ski trip sounds fantastic, ahh I cannot wait to go snowboarding soon. I love snow. Yes, it seems you have your busy days ahead, wishing the best on all projects. Have a safe trip. xx

  12. Your new clutch is so beautiful and stylish. Also I love the photos in the post below, you have a extraordinary sense of style. Good luck with your performances -- I wish I could see one day. (*.*)

    And Happy Valentine's Day Jenny!!!

  13. Really nice! :)


  14. Maybe we can follow each other?


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