Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some days, I feel like the sum of dismembered parts.  This must be how a kaleidoscope feels -- broken into sections, each one similar to the other, but going in diametrically opposite directions.  I'm sure you all know how it feels to be overcommitted with projects, social obligations, and travel plans.

Time to focus and have my eye on one thing only.

Tumi luggage, limited edition Graffiti Art
outside the Ace Hotel, NYC

So this morning, I hoisted my beat-up Tumi luggage from storage, ready to fill for my upcoming trip to the Big Apple mid-week.  Suddenly, it brought to mind the most eye-catching luggage I had ever seen.  This photo was from my last trip to NYC in July.  I had just arrived at the Ace Hotel, straight from the San Francisco red-eye.  As I was walking in, this piece of luggage was rolling out.

Normally, I'm not into Pop Art.  But seen on this unexpected canvas, I thought it was pretty cool!

It belonged to this very nice, young fashion designer waiting for a cab outside the hotel.  He thought he looked too terrible for a photograph, but I thought he was as eye-catching as his luggage.

Luggage belonged to this young fashion designer
Ace Hotel curbside, NYC

I have unfortunately lost his name, which I scribbled down on a piece of scrap paper from my purse.  Hopefully, he is out there somewhere, and perhaps we will catch each other's eyes again this week in NYC.


I have posts lined up but they never seem ready for release (too Type A?)!  Just in case my schedule doesn't allow another post for a while, I bid you adieu and will catch up next week.


  1. It certainly is eyecatching! No missing that on the baggage carrousel! Have a great time!

  2. i know what you mean about the feeling...and that man is so cool..i love the luggage carrier!it is fantastic!and his vest and glasses!

  3. He is very eye-catching, and so is that pop art inspired luggage!


  4. Great pics, i love the first one!!!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  5. Your writing is pure poetry.
    You are fine with your comment.
    In other blogs, when you click to comment you cannot see the post,not your case.
    Love both pics so much.

  6. have a nice trip! these photos are very interesting I love the look and expression of this young man. I wish I dared to photograph interesting people in the street too but I am too shy :)

  7. Have a great and safe trip! I'm headed to the City the beginning of next week. If you do anything super fun you should let me know. I'll be looking for things to keep me busy. :-)

  8. Love the luggage! How long are you going to be in the city for? You excited to be going back? I know I always am.. I hope you have an awesome time out there! Suck about the opera but yay to the ballet!

    Love! ~Angel

  9. Have a great trip, Jenny. I'm sure you will come back and enlighten us with many more thoughtful musings. I think luggage as a whole is generally not colourful enough. Just because it doesn't hang off our wrist doesn't mean it shouldn't be chic. With that thought in mind, I think I need to go luggage shopping!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    the shirtdress

  10. I am always around the Ace Hotel. Love this guy's style. And the Tumi case is stunning. I love when graphics/pop art collides with style.


  11. Thats a great piece of luggage. You certainly wouldn't find it hard to find it on the baggage belt. I need to change my bag. It looks like everyone elses.


  12. wow! what a talented man! :D


  13. It's wonderful! And you're guaranteed to spot it from a distance on the airport carousel.

    I thought I was the only one who frets about these things. I write, so I always have a notebook with me, and I've just got all these names all over the place, things like 'So & So red hair' (?????). That just happened with the post I just did - it's really bothering me that I don't know her name or where to find her.

    Your comment just came in - you must be up early in the morning, Aesthete, way across the other side of the planet! - and I love your idea. BBA. One day @ a time. I just went on a real bender, with my pumpkin post.

    It's sunshiney here today and I"m about to go outside. Hooray!! Have a lovely day. xx

  14. Hope you are having a brilliant time in NYC. That is one cool city. That is very eye catching luggage by Tumi. You would sure know it was yours on the conveyor belt wouldnt you. Its owner looked like fun too.
    Thank you for your lovely comments re the V shots. Xxxx

  15. Love the luggage. Definitely a print that's perfect for this type of accessory, but it would be too much on clothing for instance. Hope you're having a great time in NYC!

  16. I want to find awesome luggage like that!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  17. Love the pop-art travel luggage, and who knows, perhaps you'll meet the designer again? In any case - have a great time in NY!

  18. This guy has awesome style! Happy Wednesday babe xx

  19. I think that type of luggage would be difficult to get lost!an item to stand from the crew! love the guy t shirt . x

  20. That luggage is FABULOUS!!!!



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