Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Skip class one day, your body knows.  Skip class two days, your teacher knows.  Skip class three days, the audience knows.
                             -- Old adage in classical ballet 

I've skipped dancing so much this summer that I'm afraid everybody knows.  Architecture and holidays have been too diverting.

At least, our construction project is progressing.  This bucolic deer haven has turned gritty and industrial for now.  Perfect backdrop for a Contemporary Ballet.  Tutus not required.  (I've always wanted to dance a Christopher Wheeldon piece.)  I'm breaking a lot of classical rules here in the spirit of Contrast and the Contemporary, not to mention pushing my Jackie-O look-of-the-day beyond its original intent.

Chicken-wing arms are a classical ballet no-no
So are "parallel" feet and legs
But, hey, nobody's watching!

The construction crew had ordered a huge dumpster.  It arrived in the most attractive shade of deep tangerine. You've got to give them credit for being so fashion-forward.  I wonder if dumpsters also come in turquoise?

The only rule that cannot be broken:
Pointed toes

Breaking more classical ballet rules

Over a week ago, I had driven a nail into the sole of my running shoes while inspecting the property.  Talk about tip-toeing around now to be careful!  That should have foreshadowed what happened this weekend.  I got a flat tire, fortunately while at my auntie's house, so cousins helped put the spare on.  Aside from bare treads, they found a nail embedded in the blown tire.

Lesson for us all: Always park at a distance from construction sites.


Dancing around nail-riddled surfaces was my daredevil trick of the day.  We all have to live a little.

What risks have you taken today?

Shift: Zara
Sunglasses: Valentino
Pointe Shoes: Grishko
Photos: The Foolish Aesthete


  1. We all relax in summer.You have t allow yourself to do so too.
    Y love seeing you pointed toes.
    I bet it is painful!!!

  2. beautiful photos. there is not much more appealing to the eye than a dancer in the midst of intense emotional movement. the ballet slippers are so sweet.

  3. Awesome! And Beautiful!
    So is this construction for a company that you run? Or just where you work? It seems to have been going on for quite some time!

  4. Love the contrast!


  5. Wow!! I can believe you can do that? That is amazing. You are brilliant! I've always admired ballet dancers :)

  6. wowzers these images are so magical...there is something so elegant and divine about a ballet dancer

  7. I can't tell you how formative Neruda was for me as a young poet. I don't know why, (i mean i do...i think its the simplicity of his language thats so accessible even in translation) but i think most of what i know and believe about love i can attribute to Neruda and Shakespeare.

  8. Wow I was not expecting a post like this. You bring a whole new meaning to performance art ;)

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  9. I love the classic ballet poses in a construction site idea! I love that Zara dress!

  10. It's cool to see you in the ballet shoes in front of the bright orange dumpster.
    My risks of late have been matters of the heart, and I'm lucky it has paid off. Risk is good when you're strong enough to handle all outcomes I suppose. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  11. Great pics!


  12. awesome photos..how i wonder how you all beautiful ballerinas manage all these beautiful postures..have fun while you can in life..

  13. great movement in these pictures. sorry to hear about your unfortunate happenings with the nails.

  14. love all your looks :)
    I follow you, I hope that you follow me back :)

  15. I love your white dress.. so pretty..
    Lee x

  16. I am in no position to comment on your ballet form I will take your word for it. With my untrained eye I think you look amazing. It was very good of your builders to supply such a unique backdrop. Xxxx

  17. I love the classic ballet :D


  18. spectacular! my admiration for you is infinity!



  19. these pictures are sooooo creative! i love the contrast!!!

  20. OMG! One, you look amazing and two, props to you for doing that! Does it hurt? I love ballet.. Always a pleasure seeing a show. Especially in the winter time in NYC..


  21. Great photos! I don't know ballet rules so it looks good to me!

  22. Love these photos, so beautiful!! I used to do ballet, and then skipped many many lessons.. Now I am sad to say, it would take my poor body much to get back into it!!


  23. Thesee photos are so cool!!! Love your ballerina point shoes! There is something so beautiful and delicate about ballet shoes. Love love love!



  24. the contrast between ballet pointed toes and the construction site is stunning and really intesresting !

  25. I haven't danced in so long, everybody knows too. Once a dancer always a dancer I feel, though. I can see it in my own pictures - I still do 'dancer hands!'

    Thank you for your comment on my 'On Blogging' post, I'm so glad it enlightened me to your blog. In my eyes, there aren't nearly enough blogs which combine fashion with literature and general culture, which I find curious because isn't that what creative fashion is inspired by?

    And only blogger who does ballet? Well, there's a first for me! HI.




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