Monday, May 2, 2011


After a series of mishaps with planes, trains, and automobiles, this Foolish Aesthete is finally back from LA.  What a visual delight of a trip!  I haven't had time to sift through my camera files, but I saw this on my first day downtown.

Walt Disney Concert Hall
architect: Frank Gehry
photo: The Foolish Aesthete

It is impossible to capture this Gehry structure from one angle.  New geometries kept emerging as I approached and walked around it.  The L.A. Philharmonic must be pretty happy to play in such a venue. I was thrilled my hotel was 2 blocks from it!

I'll share more over the next few days.  Excited to see what you all have been up to this weekend.


  1. The Getty Center was even more of an architectural feat, giving way to stellar vistas of LA and the Pacific. Will see if I can post pics but I feel like I am not doing justice to the real thing.


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