Friday, May 27, 2011


I've been running around design showrooms all over these past few days -- no time for Blogging.  Yesterday, I was in San Francisco's design district (feels a bit like TriBeCa in NYC).  I was bummed not to have my camera with me.  Juggling sharp samples of stones and tiles, lens safety was my priority.  So, the iPhone had to stand in.

I may have violated an unwritten Blogger code here, but I just had to snap a photo of this interior designer without asking.  He was so rapt working with his colleague over lunch.  Yet, his checked pants to newsboy cap kept calling me for a picture!

Designer at work:
The whole checked-pants-with-matching-sweater-and-newsboy-cap
declared I was far from Silicon Valley

This is where my iPhone slipped from my hands.  Whoa!  The building looks like it's  moving!  I've never had that effect with the Canon.

San Francisco design district

Observation: the West Coast sky really feels different from the East Coast's.  I've also lived in Asia and Europe, and the skies are different there too.  There is an intensity to the sun and blue sky here.  My weathered skin is evidence.

A beautiful day in San Francisco
Okay, nothing profound to report.  Just sharing how inspired I am to be surrounded by creativity here in San Francisco.  For you street fashion bloggers, there was a lot of eye candy while I was walking around!


  1. would have loved to see the eye candy..i had a moment like that once where i saw this man in a yellow tie,a suit and a camel suit and sight was so uncommon in calcutta i wanted to take a photo..i think the way i kept staring at him he got uncomfortable and left..but i was tryng not to come across as a creepy girl trying to photograph a random stranger!
    love that you captured this.♥

  2. My what a fortunate slip for our 2nd shot. That is fantastical. Thank you for your lovely comment. Xxxx

  3. I love those checked pants. I want a pair. Thanks for sharing the cute photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


  4. great place !!

    have you seen my new post ?

  5. it is so true what you say about the colour of the sky. I thought exactly the same thing as I travelled..


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