Friday, May 6, 2011


I was at a community event supporting an International Fair this evening.  Scientists and engineers come from all around the world to fuel Google and all our Blogging hobbies.  So a multitude of countries was represented in Silicon Valley's melting pot.

If you think about the origins of fashion, it really began with beautiful national costumes.  Someday, I hope to be able to visit Rajasthan and all those gorgeous castles in India.  Perhaps, I'll get to finger those shimmering fabrics and intricate jewelry.  Meanwhile, I thought this little maharani dancing over here was exquisite.

Little girl in Indian costume
dancing a beautiful classical Indian dance

Mesmerizing little Indian dancer

This Foolish Aesthete needs to get out more -- especially in the late afternoon.  The light is perfect!


  1. the little dancer is adorable, and her costume is gorgeous!

  2. Hi LL. I'm impressed with your youthful creativity too :-)

  3. She is indeed exquisite. ps: i chose your blog for a liebster blog award. sorry if you've already got it. you can anyway come and pick it up on my blog to pass it on to your favourite blogs, if you want to. see you soon anyway ;)

  4. lly cool, love the colors and layers!


  5. I am thrilled and honored by the Liebster Blog Award, dear Mermaid. What a lovely thought. I must say I am so inspired by everyone's blogs - my followers and others who take the time to comment. Everyone deserves a Liebster Blog Award!

  6. I would love to go to India too. The little one is beautiful. Wonderful afternoon light indeed. Xxxx

  7. thanks for visiting my blog.this is so an indian and a former classical indian dancer i feel so good to see great thing about indian clothes is there's always versatility in silhouette and colour.
    follow each other?:)


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